Who Run The World? Girls!!

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It’s Women’s History Month!!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I think it’s safe to say these past two years, 2016 and 2017, have been “years of the woman.”
I mean EVERY year is our year, and EVERY day is our day, but we’ve truly witnessed what we can consider a new revolution!

We came this close to a female president.

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Women have stood up for themselves and supported each other unapologetically. Feminists have organized in phenomenal ways such as the Women’s March, and the #MeToo movement, to get our voices heard and make sure we were not ignored. We broke records in film and media, politics, sports, and more.

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We represented.
As an unapologetic feminist myself, this all just makes my heart SCREAM with excitement!

For example, read about these 50 times that women SLAYED the life out of 2017 !!!
Don’t pass this link by; you have to read it!
I am so impressed by us, we really just do not play.

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A few weeks ago, one of my blog sisters Brianna gave me one of the best compliments ever.

I love your boldness of women power. You create such a world of female domination.”
Brianna my love, you made my day when I read that, I could just cry.

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Every morning I wake up I am thankful I am a woman. We are the most powerful, divine, resilient, magical, beautiful, and strong beings to walk this earth and I am so proud, so honored, and so happy to be one.

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Now, I love to hear about well-known-woman wins. At the end of the day, a win for one of us is a win for all of us, but in ode to Women’s History Month, I’d like to acknowledge some of the phenomenal women that I know personally who are not in the public spotlight. I want to let them know that I see them and I’m proud of them. I want to tell them that they inspire women and young girls to work hard for what they want, to follow their dreams and desires, and most of all that if they fall, to get back up stronger. These women are examples of female divinity, empowerment, and strength and success in their own rights.

  1. Meet Rachel. Mother of 5, grandmother of 3. Second mom to everyone she’s ever met—My mother. You all should feel like you know her at this point; I’m always talking about her, lol.

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    Me and My Mom
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    I’ve watched her do these things called “mothering” and “life” without breaking a sweat. I know it wasn’t easy, but she sure made it look bearable, even during hard times. She has the purest heart and has forgiven people for things I don’t think I ever could. Through every obstacle, like a phoenix she rises from the flames stronger than ever. When people admire someone they usually say they wish to be “half the person” they are, but nope, that’s not how she wants us to see things. She always says “I don’t want you all to be like me, I want my kids to be better than me.” If I could be as amazing of a woman as she is, I would be content and believe that I could do and conquer anything.

  2. Meet Afiya. As a teen mom, I’ve seen my older sister, Afiya, work retail, work as a bank teller, and do whatever it was so that she could that provide for her family. I’ve watched her struggle as a parent but keep working to come out on the other side triumphant, and provide the best life she can for my niece. My sister started as a school safety agent and didn’t stop there. She continued climbing her way up the ranks. Five years ago she became a Corrections Officer, and today, she is a Captain Officer. Working in a jail has to be one of the hardest places to be all day, even though you’re on the other side of the bars. I know it isn’t easy, but she does not falter on hard days, and keeps taking it one accomplishment at a time. I don’t think I’ve ever even told her, so Afiya, I’m proud of you sister. When the road gets rough, one thing about you is you go out and buy your own cement mix and repave it yourself.
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    My Sister Afiya, Photo Credit: Moi

    P.S it’s her birthday in 3 days…..

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  3. Meet Lauren and Stefanie. Three years ago I met a woman at work, Lauren, who challenged all my insecurities and then also challenged me to really access my full potential unapologetically, and without fear. She’s the type to stop you
    mid-sentence when you utter the words “I can’t.” Through that woman I met another, Stefanie, and they both exemplify the image of women standing in their power and influence to empower other females.
    Empowered women empower women.

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    From Left to Right: Stefanie, Me, Lauren

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    Lauren and Stefanie, Photo Credit: Unknown

    Lauren and Stefanie continue to inspire me through regular conversation, their podcast Not Your Momma’s Podcast, and just knowing I have them in my corner. Watching them grow and flourish only pushes me to water my own seeds.

  4. Meet the Queens of The Buzz. Last but never least.

    We have like a “Sis-mance” with each other, we’re always talking about each other in our posts lol. These ladies inspire me to own my voice, personality, and my opinion. They affirm me all the time. They affirm that I don’t have to “turn down the volume” which I sometimes think about myself. They remind me to always keep an open heart to new people because these people can influence your life greatly in a short period of time. We share many of the same stresses, life experiences, and determination, and together we are truly a force to be reckoned with. The world deserves to hear all that you ladies have to say.
    Thank you for accepting me into your hearts. 🙂

    To all my beautiful females out here working on your dreams and goals, taking care of your families, taking care of yourselves, hustling out here every day on campus for your degree: You are Woman. You will not be stepped on or stepped over. You don’t need permission. You are UNSTOPPABLE. You are a fierce queen! You are not inferior to anyone else, regardless of sex, status, or age. You are in your own lane and you deserve it all! I can go on and on!

    Sisterssss let’s celebrate each other.
    Brothers, celebrate the women in your life this month: your mothers, sisters, partners, friends, daughters, any woman that inspires and influences you!

    I celebrate all year, but I’m REALLY celebrating all month, baby!

    Happy Happy Happy Women’s History Month! Our time is now and forever.

    Love You All !

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2 thoughts on “Who Run The World? Girls!!

  1. Neffi, your mother is stunningly beautiful. I feel like I have gotten to know her and understand your strong relationship with her by your posts. I am glad that I made your day but everything that I said was true…you have created a female domination by way of your writing topics and style. I feel more and more empowered as a woman when I read your posts. I love our sisterhood as bloggers and I find that it is almost necessary for our success as we lean on each other to become better as writers and as people.

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