What Do Deadlines Really Mean?

Even though this happens frequently, it always irks me. The paper has a deadline. On the first day of class, your professor told you when the term paper is due. It’s written on the syllabus ands on Blackboard. Why is it that students still use the excuse that they didn’t know it was due?

We’be been discussing this assignment since day one. In fact, you knew about it before the semester, so why do you feel like you’re I entitled to an extension?

I understand that not all students do their work in advance. I know that cramming the night before an exam or trying to write a term paper the night before it’s due is fairly common among college students, but if that’s how you workdo why does it entitle you to an extension?

And for all those professors who grant extensions, don’t you know that you’re doing your students a great disservice? Are they going to be guaranteed extensions in the job? And what about those students who diligently adhere to all your deadlines. How do you think they feel when their deadline is adjusted to accommodate procrastinators?

Please, check your schedules. Make sure you know when things are due and take responsibility for your assignments!

1 thought on “What Do Deadlines Really Mean?

  1. I understand that some students are really lazy and some others abuse the privileges of extensions but so many students have so many other activities(either work or family) that sometimes causes them to loose track of the deadlines or get backed up on school assignments. And i think these students should not have to suffer because some others are just lazy or are procrastinators. Missing deadlines happens to even the best of us some times. So if there is room in the semester schedule to fit a deadline extension, i think it should be given.

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