Weekend Excursions

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Life begins when you start exploring.  It has changed my perspective on life.

Hi new friends.  My name is Konyca Francis.  I am a Liberal Arts and Electromechanical Engineering major.  Over the past eight years I have been capturing breathtaking images.

Initially, I took pictures because I was fascinated by the variety of clouds, and was drawn to the different shapes and objects.  I was amazed by the dynamic range of colors that appeared, three minutes after the sun disappeared beyond the horizon.  However I never displayed my work because I was too reserved.

A turning point occurred, when I attended a photography exhibition.  While there, I received excellent advice.  Instantly, my confidence was boosted.  I became inspired!

I plan on exhibiting my talent.  Through photography, I will take you along many adventures.  With that being said, take a journey with me on this weeks feature, “Weekend Excursions.”


a person crouched with a toy gun

Smoke Bomb attached to toy gun. Liberty State Park, NJ. 2:37pm

bright lights

Steel Wool Photography. Brooklyn Bridge, NY. 2:24am

a smartphone

New York City Farm Colony. Staten Island, NY. 1:04pm

a body of water

Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard. Staten Island, NY. 2:40pm

13 thoughts on “Weekend Excursions

  1. Honestly, all of the photos are amazing!!!
    I really appreciate the one from the New York City Farm Colony because it really captures all aspects of New York like the calm in utter chaos. Can’t wait to see what else you post!!

  2. Awesome pictures! My favorite is the third one. I love the way the focus and detail of the picture is off of the phone while the surrounding is semi dark and blurry!

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