Virtues from Motherhood: All things bloom in the spring

If you’ve been outside in the last ten days you’ve noticed that the weather has begun to get warmer, trees are blooming and tulips are waking from their winter slumber. If you’re like me you’ve looked in the mirror and realized just how much you missed the warm breeze and sunshine, so I’ve made a pledge to not waste a moment of it. Earlier this month I went to the highline with Ava and my best friend, Mariah. Although I’ve been there before this was the first time I was there when the shops and food vendors were up there and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and delightfulness of the treats.

After visiting the highline I started scavenging Facebook and twitter for other public parks or spaces that have vendors, like the ones in Prospect Park or Williamsburg. Before the weather gets to sweltering to tolerate I want to get lost in the small treasures of this city, with Ava, and show her all the city around her has to offer. I’ve posted about my love for wandering the city before but I want to give that to Ava as well because one day she might look for things right in her own backyard.

Sometimes in the haste and bustle of our every day lives we forget to stop and smell the flowers, admire the skyline or even taste a street cart treat. I’m on the cusp of turning 27 (next month) and as my 20’s near their close I want to start making memories that last, experiencing things I hadn’t before. Though I’m learning age is just a number, as is time, none of us are immune to father time and one day we won’t be so fortunate to be able to walk 20 city blocks on a whim or take the steps to the subway 2 at a time.

So in the meantime, I challenge you to stop and look around, look at the flowers, stop in a new coffee shop, get off the train a stop early and check out the mom and pop shops in the area or just treat yourself to a take out goodie.

One thought on “Virtues from Motherhood: All things bloom in the spring

  1. One of my big personal mantras is “I have enough time,” or, “Take time” — though I rarely do just that. It just doesn’t come naturally to me, though I am a child of Nature. Instead, I have a huuuge attention span for doing really “dumb” or weird things that make people stare at me on the street. I make up my own kind of low-fi parkour, or hug a tree. Really! I wonder if I can fuse these two impulses, and find a way to not only concentrate on odd things, or do funny artistic type actions, and actually slow down and appreciate the things around me without judgement. In other words: maybe what I’m doing is kinda on the right track, and I should do it more?!
    Btw: Have you ever done an “Un-Learning Walk” with friends? It’s a thing. Really! We could get a few people, go outside, and do these weird exercises I’m talking about. It would be fun.
    Thanks for musing! Is Ava your daughter? -ss

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