The Smorgasburg of 2016

Smorgasburg graced Brooklyn this weekend and showcased different foods from all over the world in one place for all those who were eager to try them. Unfortunately, I could not attend but I found many new and interesting foods that were being sold there this year in particular. This set up allows vendors to share their products or even use visitors of Smorgasburg to be taste testers to newest creations.

One of the newest innovative desserts is one that is severely time sensitive that must be eaten in half an hour. This dessert is called the raindrop cake, which literally looks like a raindrop, but if not eaten quickly it will turn into a puddle of water. It is constructed by way of agar, a vegetarian substitute for gelatin. Yet, the dessert tastes similar to water but has more body and texture. It is usually paired with other small sides to eat along with the cake.

a raindrop cake on a wooden plate

Image by: Huffington Post

The video shows how to make the newest dessert; it is simply amazing to see how the cake is constructed in a way unlike any other. I want to eventually try this cake, I find it to be super interesting and I wonder how it taste in its own complex yet simplistic way to appeal to anyone’s palate.

Many spectators felt that the foods here will eventually be sold readily in America and will be the next food craze but I wondered what really creates a food craze. And what really makes people want to wait in lines for hours just to try these foods? Many believe that it is due to the bragging rights that come with the hype of these trending foods. It is awesome to be able to understand their notions but still it is further explained by using the term, mob psychology, because if something is being sought after then everyone begins to become envious of that particular item and wants to be able to have that experience as well. We as people naturally can become obsessed over a phenomenon that everyone wants to be a part of because it gives us some sort of popularity status because we are part of a trend.

Comment below to name a food that you have always wanted to try or a dessert you recently tried that you think should be the next food trend.

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