The Semester is Almost Over!

Hello students, faculty, graduates, undergraduates, and all others!! I have amazing news, the fall semester is finally coming to an end, and we have all made it through. I must say that this semester was extremely trying in my opinion, and I am more than ecstatic to kick my heels up and rest. However, I’ve noticed that although the semester is winding down, I can’t shake the feeling that I have assignments to hand in. At times when I decide to take a little break, I find myself feeling guilty that I’m not doing work. I also noticed that it’s a bit difficult for me to sleep late, because I still have anxiety about completing assignments that are already for the most part done. I still wake up at 6:00 am, even on the weekends, because in the back of my mind, I have to be ready for class. After I have awoken, and I realize that I don’t have to go to school on the weekend, a feeling of anxiety comes over me because I’m not being productive. I’m not hustling to review notes for different classes, complete lab reports, and study for exams. My mind, body, and soul have adapted to constantly working that now I am unable to adjust to having down time!

My advice to anyone who is experiencing the same difficulties as me is to GIVE IT TIME! Throughout the year we neglect all of our needs in order to finish off every semester with passing grades. We barely get eight hours of sleep because we are either up studying or partying before class the next day. Students rarely eat a well-balanced meal throughout the semester, because we look for the cheapest meal, so that we can preserve our money. Students rarely get enough exercise, asides from running up and down the stairs from classes, which also can play a large role in not getting enough rest. Students deprive themselves of all the basic necessities that will ensure a happy and healthy semester. Once the semester ends we are all exhausted, but we find it difficult to unwind immediately.

I urge students to take advantage of this upcoming time of relaxation. I know everyone has anxiety, while waiting for their final grades. Just take a minute for yourself and BREATHE! I’m sure that everyone knows where they stand academically, based on exams taken throughout the semester, as well as how comfortable they felt on their finals. The semester is almost over, and stressing over finals will not improve your grades!!! Stress is never helpful, only harmful.

During winter break, take time for yourself to just relax! Find activities that meet your needs, whether these activities are exhilarating or peaceful. Join a yoga class to become one with your body, or join a kickboxing class to relieve stress. Find whatever activities tickle your fancy during break and DO THEM!! Make the most of it. Hit the reset button! This whole semester has been based on studying hard and getting good grades. You know what they say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. DON’T be DULL!! Go out there and experience the world! Make amazing memories, and enjoy your winter break. YOU DESERVE IT!!

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