The Passionate Baker

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Image by: Sabrina Vasquez

Brianna is a twenty-one year old Brooklyn native currently in her senior year at New York City College of Technology. She is a hospitality management major whose area of focus is pastry arts and also OpenLab’s “The Buzz” resident food blogger. Currently, Brianna holds an associate’s degree and is working towards her bachelor’s, ultimately aspiring to open her own pastry shop. In her spare time, Brianna loves baking, swimming, watching hockey (Go Rangers!) and is an avid writer. In the upcoming years, Brianna hopes to learn more about herself and be more spontaneous by way of immersing herself into different hobbies or activities. So if you’re looking for the best treats, meals, and food gossip in town, Brianna is your girl.

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Image by: Sabrina Vasquez

My plans, in terms of what I intend to blog about, entail the topics of food themed subjects or events. It will vary from foods that I have personally experienced as well as foods that I wish to try; I would also like to include food related news that will discuss current happenings in the food world that may have not been widely discussed. Baking is not only a passion of mine but it is a haven in which it allows me to relax from the stress that occurs in life. It brings me utter joy to be able to share my edible masterpieces with others and to vicariously live through the sheer happiness that my homemade desserts offer them. By being able to blog about a subject that has such a meaningful value to me, it allows me to convey that passion and motivation that I have to hopefully encourage others to pursue interests of their own or to immerse themselves into food culture from my posts.

Good luck to everyone this semester and happy posting!

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