The Hooli Wedding

A lot of people fantasize on having a fairytalelike, fantastic and unique wedding. However, actually having it is one of the best moments someone can experience in life. Perfection is subjective of course, and many may argue that it is not attainable, however Tirzah walking down the aisle being accompanied by Spiderman (NYCFC_Spiderman) and Patrick being in a crowd full of cheering NYCFC fans, was perfect in their eyes. Everyone in the crowd made the couple feel special and they absolutely loved it. The fans’ hands held high up in the sky, were chanting their names and jumping in joy with the newlyweds. They were also celebrating in the most beautiful, colorful and expressive ways with smoke bombs, balloons, banners and scarves held up high to show their love and passion for NYCFC

If you were not there to see this beautiful ceremony unfolding and be part of that lovely and great atmosphere, you definitely missed a unique experience, but don’t worry you can always releive the moment here but being there in person was a whole other experience.

a bride and groom in a crowd

men in a crowd

Apparently, if you and your spouse are die-hard and passionate New York City Football Club fans, having a NYCFC theme wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your special day. And rightly so, that was the dream wedding that Tirzah and Patrick Rivera made a reality on  a beautiful day of March 13th, 2016 at The Bronx under the 4 train tracks next to the Yankee Stadium. They specifically chose that particular day and location to celebrate their union, due to the fact it was NYCFC’s 2016 season home opener.


men in a crowd

the bride and groom holding up T-shirts and laughing

bride and groom on a crowded sidewalk

At the beginning when Tirzah and Patrick announced that they wanted to have a NYCFC hooligan theme wedding, they knew they were going to have the time of their lives , but they definitely were not expecting it to be so thrilling. It will take something 10 times as marvelous to even attempt to top this glorious weeding.

Your wedding day is for you to shine and to celebrate love with your significant other. It is the perfect opportunity to say “I do”, and to passionately kiss your lover while having tears sliding down your eyes. Thus, what is better than celebrating your special day with people that you love and in a way that make you and your lover the most happy? It did not matter if the people attending were family,  or even strangers, they all celebrated together for Tirzah and Patrick as one big family and made them feel special and have a hell of a wedding.

a bride with her bouquet in a crowd

men in a crowd

bride and groom kissing

One thing for sure, if you live in New York City or you are an NYCFC fan into carnavalesque, festive and public celebrations, NYCFC supporters are an interesting group of people to invite to your events such as weddings, parties, birthdays etc. NYCFC supporters are passionate, lively, and an expressive group of people.

The reason for that is simply because NYCFC fans and football/soccer fans in general are one of, if not the most  prideful people about their team and city.When they get together as one to showcase this pride, it is a very powerful phenomena to see or experience. Thus, when Tirzah and Patrick experienced the grandeur of NYCFC fans, they wish they could do it over and over again.

bride and groom in a crowd

a crowd with blue smoke

NYCFC fans from all walk of life gathered to celebrate with the couple in order to make their wedding everything that they wanted it to be. But how amazed were Tirzah and Patrick when they realized that the wedding ceremony amazingly exceeded their expectations! It was the kind of scenes you usually see in movies, however this was reality and that day, reality was more than extraordinary! It was the first NYCFC’s fans wedding and one the most stunning and beautiful that I have ever attended.

Everything was wonderful as people were celebrating with the couple, but being officially married was all Tirzah and Patrick were waiting for. Thus when the moment finally arrived for the ceremony to take a more romantic tone, that’s when the couple started to be really excited and emotional. Tirzah was not feeling anything other then extreme happiness and likewise for Patrick who eagerly wanted to take her in his arms and to kiss her. So when their great friend who was their wedding officiant  said “By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Patrick jumped and did not hesitate to make the moment he was waiting for the most count.

bride and groom

bride and groom kissing

bride and groom walking away

The couple could not wait to tie the knot and for those two lovebirds, sharing their special day with NYCFC was the ideal way to truly feel happy. And indeed what a beautiful wedding it was. Everyone was in good spirit and celebrating with the lovers and  NYCFC friends to make their wedding a success and once a life time experience for them.

Congratulations to Patrick Rivera and Tirzah Rivera for this astounding showcase of love and passion for themselves and New York City Football Club.

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