The Colors Of Autumn

From September 21st to December 21st in a period of two months, we are being awed by the beautiful season of Autumn. This transition from summer to winter is purely magical, it is the time when the leaves of trees change in color and in tone and the leaves of deciduous trees are ready to fall at any given moment and when also the temperature drops considerably.

This change in color adds an unique vibrant flare to Autumn, and it turns the environment to a spectacular sight .During this wonderful season, is when many people love to go outside to enjoy nature and be mesmerized by the beauty of Autumn. Due the fact that It makes for such a wondrous sight to human eye, it is considered one of the best seasons of the year for many.

red fall leavesBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


shrubbery hiding a bridgeBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


city buildings across the water from a fieldBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


a stone path under fall tree leavesBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


a split path under colorful fall leavesBrooklyn Bridge Park -Brooklyn





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