The Future of Cake Decorating

the comparison of three cake style

Image by: Bakerella

Everyone has friends, family members, or other loved ones and with these relationships come celebrations that are scattered around our calendars. These celebrations are usually complimented by party favors, decorations i.e. balloons, and refreshments which will probably include a cake. Sometimes, baking a cake at home from scratch can be too time-consuming so we find the closest alternative by purchasing a cake that was already made at the store or supermarket to save time especially for those of us who struggle with baking all together. I thought it would be interesting to share how these cakes are made by these revolutionary machines that eliminate the human error that can occur when making a cake and is used in a high production bakery that have either a large variety of pastries or numerous orders for cakes.

Have you ever wondered how supermarkets or other shops create the perfect cakes that we often purchase for birthdays, graduations, baby showers etc.? The process is extremely simple but the machine that creates these beautiful edible masterpieces is very expensive. With the advancement in technology, it aids in the new machines being created as well as lowering the need for additional labor required for certain jobs. Have you ever looked at a cake in a bakery or supermarket and wished you could mimic the precision of it? While that is achievable, it can be very complex as you are most likely going to be competing with a machine rather than a human hand’s delicate work.

The Unifiller Corporation is a company with a collection of cake decorating machines that will either frost the cakes or decorate them. It is designed to lower the labor of employees by doing all the manual labor of frosting a cake. Each machine costs a few thousand dollars and is not for home bakers because of the energy and space it occupies. But it is still a great learning experience to view how these cakes are easily made by way of this magical machine.

Comment below other desserts that you have always wanted to make but found too complex? Or a time that you struggled with baking something?