The New York City Marathon

The 46th New York City Marathon was one of the most emotional, passionate, and inspirational events I’ve ever experienced. Three weeks ago, I was just one single person in a sea of thousands of spectators, and in those moments I truly felt that we were all one big family. Peace, love, unity and sportsmanship were all being thoroughly stirred in the melting pot known as New York City on November 6th, 2016. Thousands of men and women from all over the world ran the grueling 26.2 mile marathon through all five boroughs, trying to make their cities, families, and most importantly themselves proud. While observing the runners, I immediately felt the intensity and the motivation to finish the run just by the determined expressions on their faces. As the marathon runners inched closer towards the finish line, breathing the harsh cold air, dripping their blood, sweat and tears, and pouring their hearts out onto the course, I captured some of these candid moments.


people running in a marathon elderly man running a marathon, with a T-shirt that says "NO TEARS" two women running the marathon in rainbow hats two men at the race a man in the race wearing a turquoise T-shirt, giving a high five to someone in the crowd