How do you explain hate to a child? – a poem

This weeks blog was originally going to discuss readability and blogging but with the recent events in our nation I was inspired to write a poem. My condolences are extended to all who suffered a loss, who live in fear and most of all for the children who have to grow up in this scary and tragic world we as a society have created.


By: Samantha Pezzolanti

How do you explain hate to a child? Is there really a way?

How do you find the words to explain the violence that takes place everyday?

How do you tell a child who’s innocent and unknowing,

That it’s reality that the TV is showing

Where do you find the words to rationalize the actions of a nation?

That is quick to hate and to judge but short on love and patience

How do you tell a child others can be judged by their race and gender?

Or by their religion, background or for being too chubby or slender

We raise our children to love, accept and share,

But the world around them spews hate, stereotypes and despair

We raise our children to not judge a book by its cover,

And to respect and walk in unity with one another

Yet the TV shows people who are at war with a label

Unfairly prosecuting people and leaving society unstable

So how do you explain hate to a child, how do you make them understand?

That it is not okay to take the life of another man

Or take the life of woman over the color of their skin, religion or ideas

How do you raise a child to not have fears?

Of society, of each other of the people who protect and serve,

No this is not the kind of world our children deserve

We have created a sad world indeed

One that’s chaotic, broken and in need

In need of love in need of community and in need of hope

Societies stability hangs by a rope

So how do you explain hate to a child in times like these?

If you have the answer, share it please.