the 3 H’s of Halloween : Haunted Hotel/House

Halloween, a time for kids to dress up like something completely out of their character and also an opportunity to receive free treats from the community. But what’s in it for the adults? How about the college students? Well first there’s an annual parade put on in the East Village on Halloween in the evening. Then there’s the local haunted houses. But do you want to know something even better? City Tech’s Entertainment Technology Department puts on their very own Haunted Hotel every year! That’s right, City Tech students host a Haunted Hotel in the very “home” of the department, the Voorhees Hall. Free for all City Tech students to attend! It is not only an opportunity to get “frightened” by the flickering lights and random witches popping out at you, it gives you a chance to appreciate the work behind the scenes put on by your peers. This year, I attended the Haunted Hotel for the first time. Going in not knowing what to expect, walking in anxious to see the next room and get frightened.

Two weeks prior I had visited the Pure Terror Scream Park located in Monroe, New York. This was my first time ever visiting a haunted house and boy can I tell you I was spooked! From the moment I walked in with my group of friends we were scared by the workers. Visiting 6 different sites, one of which included clowns (my worse nightmare) I was freaked out. Taking us roughly 2 hours to go through all of the scenes (long line problems) it was an indescribable feeling.  Where in most times all we could was laugh. Despite the high ticket price ($50) overall the experience was extraordinary.

I would hate to ruin the surprise for those who are looking to attend next year but I will say this, put on your least favorite sneakers, as you will be crawling into one of the creepiest scenes of your life!

Below are links with details of both the Haunted Hotel and Pure Terror Scream Park

City Tech’s Haunted Hotel

Pure Terror Scream Park