The Reality of Food Racism

There is discrimination currently taking place in the culinary world. One that believes or suggests that chefs should only cook food that is within their own ethnic groups in order to be culturally just. Many believe that chefs should never venture from their realm of cuisine because their palate is best designed towards that genre of food. This has led to uproar and racial disagreement on what chefs can specifically cook for a living in a respectful manner.

This controversy more specifically surrounds Rick Bayless, an Oklahoman chef who has built an entire career around cooking Mexican style food. While many support Bayless and respect his love of cooking an array of Mexican delicacies, some are completely against how he is profiting from a world of food that is in no relation to him as they feel that it is a form of privilege to the Caucasian race.

Rick Bayless plating a meal

Image by: Adam Goldberg

Many, unfortunately, still disagree with Bayless because they believe that the profit that he has made from cooking Mexican food for a living is exceeding more than a Mexican would make while cooking their cuisine. He has become highly criticized for his style of cooking as many feeling that he should not be able to be proficient in his career of cooking from a completely different race of cuisine.

Yet, it still seems racist to disapprove of Bayless because of his race despite his passion for Mexican cuisine although it may question the validity of the authenticity of his food, he still has a right to cook whatever food that he wants to cook. I feel that he is only being swarmed with this backlash because it involves a minority because I have seen a variety of cultures be able to work, cook, and serve French food and no one has questioned the authenticity of it. It is frustrating that in every aspect of our lives, we are unfortunately faced with racism because we are not accepting towards diversity instead we are almost frightened by it. So we argue and make stereotypical guidelines for what seems correct or normal in order to not offend or immense ourselves in a world that accepts everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, et cetera because it feels easier to exclude than to include.

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