Cheesecakes for Change

fresh blueberries on top of a plain cheesecake

Image by: Simon

It is very apparent that I truly have a passion for food in all its forms and how it can be conveyed artistically. I thoroughly enjoy the labor involved to create beautiful desserts, but even more, I am visually captivated by the magnitude of precision included to reach that artistic perfection. As a food blogger, I find that I must utilize my platform in order to share the beautiful opportunities that food offers when presented in the utmost of ways. I am a firm believer that food can be an advocate in aiding many lives which only intensifies my passion.

Because even more so, I love when the production of desserts are utilized to benefit local charities that aim to raise awareness of life-threatening illnesses or to fundraise in order to better financially support the causes in particular. I find that this is a more innovative and beneficial way of baking in terms of the food world. I have so often shared and discussed these ideas with my past posts, such as the expansion of lemonade stands around the world through the participation with Alex’s Lemonade Stand or the charity, Cookies for Kid’s Cancer. Both of which were charitable causes to support the fight against childhood cancer with fundraising practices to afford certain research and benefits for struggling families.

Cheesecakes for Change is another organization which was founded in the beautiful state of New York and is costly stationed in Staten Island. The organization aims to benefit local charities by sponsoring a particular charity each month on a constantly rotating basis. Essentially, for each cheesecake sold, five dollars out of every purchase will be donated to that specific charity. The charities vary each month from a vast spectrum of causes. For the month of February, Cheesecakes for Change is sponsoring Second Chance Rescue NYC which is a nonprofit organization with the sole mission of offering a “second chance” to all animals. In order to better protect them by giving them safer environments to receive the love and care that they require instead of being further subjected to abuse, neglect and homelessness. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, the organization continues to flourish while offering veterinary services and spay/neuter programs. They also aim to be a rehabilitation facility for animals while ensuring that there will not be an overpopulation, as they aim for all of the animals to be adopted. Funds received help to further their outreach by establishing their presence for community support through pet food donations, as well as hopes for an expansion to be able to accommodate a greater number of animals.

The greatest incentive as a customer is to know that value of your charitable contribution…to understand the impact that your purchase has made. Cheesecakes for Change is also very accommodating to everyone’s palate and dietary restrictions. They offer specialize cheesecakes that are dairy-free as well as gluten-free options.

A Charitable Winter

As an afterschool teacher, I taught my 4:5th grade students to importance of generosity, empathy, and thankfulness during the fall and winter months.  Although it is a struggle to get them to learn tolerance and that there are various forms of bullying to withhold from, they seen to be getting the charitable concept.

We will be doing a play, written and directed by me, this week on 18th of December to show the thankfulness and charity of the holiday season. I will edit this blog to add images of the performance. Here are some images leading up to this point, as far as prep and learning concepts.

Share what you are doing that’s charitable this winter. And check out Vive Entertainment Enterprises @vive_ent they are hosting a homeless clothing drive.

Hope to see you guys next semester.