Load Over Area


Peeps! My next interview will be next week.
For today, here’s a weird STEM Dad Joke!






If a load is applied to a smaller area, the resulting stress is much larger.


And if that same load is applied to a larger area, the smaller the resulting stress.


So, by that logic, the more I stress eat, the larger my area becomes. The larger my area, the more space for the load of school, work and home to disperse upon. Thus, the less stress I will incur…




Welp, at least I tried?

In all seriousness, our semester is coming to an end, my friends. It’ll get hard to stay on task with so many things flying your way, but I believe in you! Find your way of coping with stress and roll with it.

If you need some inspiration, maybe check out Cherishe’s work! She’s got some great advice for ending the semester on a good note whilst still taking care of yourself. Its a hard thing to do, but you are the occupant of a body that needs love and care. If you need time to do that, take it! At the end of the day, you’re the only one living in a body that doesn’t come with replacement parts.

Take some time and breathe and find a small thing to decompress while we hit the home stretch! (For me, I love a shot of humor!)

I hope you find your outlet, and I’ll catch you next week for another interview!



Artwork by Pebbles.

Julie Andrews


Many people look to the likes of Maya Angelou, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alice Walker or Shirley Chisholm as their feminist heroes. But as a young girl, I never knew of these women or their heroic roles in America. Most of them I only know little of; mainly a brief knowledge of their largest achievements and nothing more.


American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.


American politician.


Late former First Lady of the United States.


American novelist, writer, poet, and activist.


American politician, educator, author and the first black woman to be elected to the US Congress.


As a young girl, the strong women in my life were my grandmothers, my mother, my aunts and… Julie Andrews.


Dane Julia Elizabeth Andrews:
Born October
 1, 1935.
English actress, singer, and dancer.

Dane Julie Andrews is, well,  the  BOMB.  


She was Queen Clarisse Rinaldi, Mary Poppins, Maria Von Trapp and basically just the most magical woman– Nay! HUMAN– to exist in my lifetime. I watched The Sound of Music and wanted to be as reckless and filled with the life that Andrews’ Maria was and is. I wanted to be as in control as Mary Poppins and just as straight up fire as the queen she portrayed in The Princess Diaries.


Her fictional roles, however, pale in comparison to a woman who has had a career that spans over seven decades and a multitude of awards. Julie Andrews may have lost some of her range vocally, but she continues as a cultural icon. She perseveres and remains one of my favorite of my role models.

As I continue to discover myself as a woman, I will, of course, find new heroes and new goals. However, Julie Andrews was one of the first public women I ever looked up to and I still admire her as such.

All artwork by Pebbles.

(Happy belated birthday, Dane Julie Andrews!)