Subway Wi-fi!

an excited woman using her phone in the subway

Bored while waiting for the train underground? Wish you could send a text, check your email, or roam the internet?

Well, it looks like your dream might becoming true….depending on where you are of course. While not available everywhere, some train stations are offering Wi-fi.

The MTA has expanded their Wi-Fi service to 21 underground stations in the Bronx, and 16 additional Manhattan stations.

Officials with the MTA and technology company Transit Wireless, announced the expanded service at the 161st Street-Yankee Stadium station on Thursday. It’s one of the stations that now have Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi and cellphone service were already available at dozens of stations, mainly in Manhattan.

Your area still doesnt gave service? Well don’t worry, cause service is scheduled to be available in all underground stations by 2017!

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