Soul Searching

Hey guys. As you’ve read in my last post, sunset and clouds are what really made me fall in love with photography. I have included a few of the images that captured my heart when I just started out.


a sunset

A fire ignited within her soul, subconsciously, was it the way the shutter button went off? Or was it the breathtaking sunset? Grand Anse Grenada W.I. 5:42pm


the sky

As she looked up to the sky, she became breathless. There it was again, that ignition. This time it was the variety of clouds that took her breath way. Circular Drive, Grenada W.I.  4:15pm

a sunset

As the years past by, she kept on searching. Searching for something she thought was unreachable. And then it happened again, her perspective changed completely. she fell in love with sunset. I love you sunset! Manhattan Beach, NY. 4:40pm


colored clouds

With her head in the clouds, she has never felt so free and alive before.  She had finally solved her own puzzle. Perseverance, passion and patience was all it took. Never give up on your passion! Manhattan Beach, NY. 4:42pm

12 thoughts on “Soul Searching

    • Thanks alot. Yes I have a few of them that I took on a plane. It’s funny you ask about the helicopter because I have been thinking about doing it alot lately. I just have to get over my height fear lol. If you have an instagram account you can check out my feed with that pic.

  1. I think that nature itself makes for the best photographs and your pictures definitely prove that. The clouds look absolutely beautiful!! And I agree with Amanda, they look like cotton candy in that last photo.

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