New York City Skyline

It is never tiring to admire the beautiful skyscrapers that make up the New York City skyline. NYC is widely known for its skyscrapers and they attract millions of people each year to come visit and enjoy the sublime view they display. Those skylines give New York City its identity and set it apart from other cities in the world.

There are many sights that are worth visiting over and over anytime ones gets the chance. Each sighting is a different story, it’s never the same depending on the perspective you are looking at them or also your state of mind during at the moment. There are many places you can go to have a perfect views of skyscrapers such as parks, on a bridge or on a roof top. But each places give its own unique perspective of a skyline and they are all special in their own ways. Wherever you go admire the beauty of NYC skyline, you will be satisfied.


a city skyline by water with cloudsManhattan Bridge – Manhattan


a city skyline by water at nightBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


a city skyline by a bridge with cloudsBrooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn

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