Seizing Opportunities in Leadership

You might not be in a leadership position now but making the most of leadership opportunities is a must. In fact, whenever you have the chance to show your leadership ability, you should seize the opportunity. With drive and determination, everyone can become better leaders and perfect a valuable skill. Employers are really looking for people who can take initiative to lead without coming to ask them what they should do every step of the way. They want people who can think of what needs to be done and present them with the options. Then all they have to do is make an executive decision. In other words, if you demonstrate to others that you have real leadership potential, you vastly increase your job prospects.

But what can you do now to prepare for your future? Here are some leadership tips to consider from Leadership Freak:

  1. Release yourself for more by delegating easy tasks. Fools cling to familiarity and ease. What’s easy for you is challenging to others. Help others do what you do well. One way to develop yourself is to develop others.
  2. Explore the irritating behaviors of others. Irritations are often mirrors. How are you like the people you don’t like? Loud voices irritate me.
  3. Spend more time reflecting on your performance and less on others. When your performance improves, the people around you improve.
  4. Challenge yourself. You stop growing when you stop taking on new challenges.
  5. Evaluate your performance mercilessly. Nitpick little things. Chances are the little things are bigger than you believe.
  6. Make a difference right now. This whole “change the world thing,” often becomes an excuse to neglect small opportunities.
  7. Record daily insights and observations. Keep a notebook handy and write things down. When you hear something curious or surprising, explore it.
  8. Swim against the current. Doing what everyone else does obscures your potential.
  9. Think better not perfect. How might you be a better listener today, for example?
  10. Pursue relationships with people who are better than you.

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