Roosevelt Island

an aerial view of Roosevelt Island

                  Image by: Alex Katz

An island between Manhattan and Queens, secluded from the loud rush of the city but also an island with so much history. During Spring Break I took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked around the island. My favorite part was the Small Pox Hospital. This is because every time I get driven by the FDR drive, when I look across the East River I always see a gothic architectural style building that looks haunted at night. I always wondered what it was and thought it must have been some kind of asylum but came to find out it was a hospital.


Renwick Hospital

Along with this I came across many other historical sites such as the lighthouse which sourced light for boats that were sailing towards Hells Gates Waters which is just north of the island.


a lighthouse



I then visited the new FDR Memorial Four Freedoms Park. This park was opened in 2012. One interesting fact about this park and how it got its name is from Louis Kahn whom is an American Architect and built this park in honor of President Roosevelt and his belief in the four essential human freedom which were freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God in one’s own way, freedom from want and freedom from fear. It is a very beautiful and CLEAN park with such an amazing view of the city.

FDR Memorial Park

Finally, what many New Yorkers are familiar with is the Tramway! Although I am what some may call a “punk” for not wanting to go on (haha) I do appreciate the convenience of taking it to and from the city and I’m sure that on the tramway you get an even better view of Roosevelt Island and part of the city.

the Tramway


As always, I recommend everyone to go to Roosevelt Island on a beautiful day. There is so much history just on this two mile stretch island. Although there isn’t much to do after visiting the historical sites, it’s a great time to “get away from the city without leaving the city”. Whether it’s you spending the day laying on the CLEAN grass at the FDR Four Freedoms Park or maybe you just want to go for a nice walk this is the perfect place to go! Oh and if you’re scared to get on the Tram just as I was (haha) you can also take the “F” train to the island or drive as well. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your notepad and start making that Summer 2015’ bucket list and add Roosevelt Island to it! I promise you won’t regret it!

a Franklin D. Roosevelt plaque on a wall

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Roosevelt Island and I am starting a Summer 2015 Bucket List. It’s crazy how much New Yorkers have never visited the iconic places of New York but I truly want to change that this year.

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