Ringling Brothers

It was like deja vu all over again seeing the Ringling brothers circus. I recall as a child going to the circus back in my country which was a big deal for me. Besides seeing the animals do tricks, what made the experience amazing was sharing it with my school friends, I mean who wouldn’t love to spend the whole day away from school?(lol)

Over the weekend I took my niece and nephew to the circus; I know, I’m a good aunty(lol).  Two hours of non stop entertainment was worth it and of course I got to take pictures. Not only did the animals put on quite a show but also the circus masters.

What was my favorite act? I’m still trying to decide. However the elephants did stand out the most for me and since they will be retiring the elephants by 2018 after 145 years of performance, they really did put on a show.


circus acrobats


a large glowing globe


four elephants performing

an elephant doing a handstand

Processed with VSCO

a row of tigers standing up a horse surrounded by fog DSC_0267 a man leading a pig and a dog three dogs performing circus performers circus performers in blue, jumping through a ring trapeze artists a person riding with one foot on one horse and the other on an adjacent horse

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