Pull Back

a card with the words "Pull back"

“Recently, I learned this quote from a coaching and communications training from work. Pulling back, in the simplest term simply means to take a few seconds from any conversation to analyze and determine where you want the situation to go. A good example of this is to determine if a conversation is a flight or fight situation.

The training provided three steps to analyze the conversation to access the outcome towards progression for a solution, to change the situation into one where the outcome is a product you want. While this training changed my communication approach and was helpful in improving my communication skills, pulling back means so much more to me. In my every day life, I’ve begun to practice pull back by not just simply using it in conversations, but when I make decisions on what I want to do. By allowing myself to pull back, I allow myself to not beat myself up when I miss an appointment, or when I do not accomplish what I want. Pulling back allows me to re-analyze and restructure my day and goals. Pulling back can simply means to take a deep breath, which sometimes I forget to do in the busy hurdle call life.”


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