NYCFC Supporters

In football/soccer the supporters are the best thing that teams are the most grateful for. The teams and players know nothing is more powerful, motivating and a morale booster than having passionate supporters singing, chanting and cheering for them during the all 90 minutes of the game. Thus by no means do football/soccer teams take their supporters for granted.

Teams have many loyal fans that love them unconditionally. As a result, players make playing and winning not only about a paycheck and a personal satisfaction,  but instead it becomes a collective effort to play with their hearts, to give it all they got, and playing well in order to show to the fans that they truly appreciate their support. Players would not only show the same love and passion to the fans, they will also fight for them as best as they can on the field to win in a convincing manner. However one thing that is truly remarkable about football/soccer fans, no matter how bad their team is doing, they will be there every single games encouraging and cheering on the team at their lowest in order to bring back to better days. Thus you could not imagine the joy that supporters get when their team respond back and are showing that same love back to their fans by winning but most importantly giving all their best out there on the field.

Therefore, the only way to really witness or be part of this phenomenon, is to experience it for yourself. Luckily you won’t have to go too far to see or experience this, there is New York City Football Club (NYCFC) right here in New York that play at Yankee Stadium where supporters at the supporters sections, get really passionate about their team and show that passion at every game.

people in a crowdPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium


a crowd with a topless manPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium


a blue Yankees flagPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium


a green playing field with a stadium crowdPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium

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