NYCFC Passion

One of the things that makes soccer the best sport in the world are the fans. If you are in New York City and you want to see for yourself how awesome soccer fans are, all you have to do is to come to one New York City Football Club game (NYCFC). There are fans who feel they were born to support this team and it is their duty to stand in the bleachers at the supporters sections cheering on their beloved team. In every games NYCFC have played so far, those supporters have been fenomenal.

It’s not easy for a new team to be successful in their first season and play to the best of their abilities, however this fans are just happy that New York has finally a soccer team they can cheer on weeks and week out. They are all in it to display their passion, love and dedication. NYCFC surely have one of the most passionate fans, non-stop cheering for 90 minutes, the atmosphere at the games is electric. They lose their voices, empty their lungs out of air, jump up and down and sing their hearts out for their beloved NYCFC.


“New York had a dream . To start a football team. We had no Lamps, no kits, not even a ball. We’re five boroughs strong. Our New York was born. In 2015. We’ll follow you on” -Third Rail

a crowd holding a blue flagPhoto taken in Philadelphia


“What’s up Staten? And Manhattan? What’s up Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens? This is New York City Football  Dominating other teams!” – Third Rail



a man covering his mouthPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium


“Here’s to you, NYCF! New York loves you more than you will know!” -Third Rail

a crowdPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium

“Come on, Khiry. Oh, please score one for me. At this moment, you mean everything
With you at the door. Oh, we’re certain to score . And at this moment, that means everything” -Third Rail

a crowd

Photo taken at Yankee Stadium


“Oh when New York! Goes marching in! Oh when New York goes marching in!! I want to be in that number! Oh when New York goes marching in!!” – Third Rail

a crowdPhoto taken at Yankee Stadium

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