Night Time In Fall

It’s gets very beautiful at night in New York, however during the fall it is even more beautiful during the night. During fall the days are relatively shorter than the nights, thus there’s quite a lot of time for the fall to show its magical colors at night.

The colors may not be as vibrant and visible as during the days. But it is still indeed breathtaking and enjoyable to witness. Especially during the fall, the sky displays a variety of wonderful colors illuminating the sky every night. It gets really spectacular, it’s like the sky is trying to send a message or it wants to show its feelings. Nonetheless, it’s just such a nice phenomenon to see. Moreover, the lively way the lights of the city contrast with the night is something amazing that also take place in the fall. It makes going outside even for a stroll worth every seconds.

strung lights across a city street at nightBrooklyn


strung lights across a city street at nightChinatown – Manhattan


a bridge walkway at nightManhattan Bridge – Manhattan


a hand held through a break in a wire mesh fenceManhattan Bridge – Manhattan




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