Dream Car


At some point in our lives we all thought about our dream car/jeep or at least imagine what it will look like. Every year around spring time, the Jacob Javits Center accommodates the New York International Auto Show. Its only there for a week but attending it is always worth the while.

Whatever your type of car maybe, they are in the exhibition. They range from Dodge and Lotus, to Bentley and Lamborghini. It really amazes me to see how far technology in auto mobiles has advanced; from stick shift to hydro charging to self driven cars. As intriguing as these cars maybe, I’m not so sure I’ll want my car to do the driving for me. However,  I’m open to test driving one. I mean like who, wouldn’t right?

To see more of my images, you can click on this link: https://vsco.co/konycafrancis/grid/1



a white sports car with aqua trimThe Toyota future hydro car  8:06pm


a silver sports car on displayThose two cars go hand in hand. The hydro charges the other one  8:12pm


a mint-green sports car on displayKia  8:16pm


a blue sports car on displayDodge 8:36pm


a Kermit-green sports carLamborghini  8:52pm


an old-fashioned white car on an elevated platform8:53pm


a white sports car with a black stripe down the frontKoenigsegg  8:54pm

a metallic brown sports car on displaySpyker  8:54pm

a blue sports carBentley  10:05pm

several sports cars in a showroomHyundai Genesis  10:07pm

a red sports carMaserati  10:08pm

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