Mayor Bill De Blasio Is Officially Cool!

The annual Inner Circle show was held this past Saturday in New York City. The Inner Circle show, which is a spin-off of the White House Correspondents Association dinner, is an opportunity for journalists to roast the mayor through different forms, such as song and dance.

Though Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t wait for any reporters, as he quickly started to poke fun of himself, leaving nothing off the table. He made fun of his frequent tardiness, his low approval ratings, his tendency to leave school open during big storms, and other bumps he has suffered while in office. With the help of celebrities, such as Steve Buscemi and Cynthia Nixon, the annual Inner Circle show was an event to remember.

In one skit, Mayor de Blasio was pitted against the Rev. Al Sharpton, as contestants in Jeopardy. When the host asked “39 and heading down to the teens by tomorrow morning,” Sharpton answered, “The mayor’s approval rating?”

Next was Al Roker, a weatherman for the Today Show. Roker had waged a Twitter war last month with Blasio, over his decision to open schools, despite a heavy snowstorm. In his skit, he was shown on the set of the “Today” show, complimenting him. After someone calls “cut” and they go off the air, Roker then retorts, “Great mayor? What a freaking joke.”

First lady Chirlane McCray was also a part of the show, playing opposite Nixon on a take on “The Honeymooners.” Producers also played several minutes of footage from de Blasio and McCray’s 1994 wedding, with a longhaired de Blasio dancing goofily.

One must love a guy that can so easily pick on himself. Now start to close schools more during blizzards and you might get my vote again during the next election.

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