Love vs. Valentines Day

Today I would like to write about a very sensitive topic that effects everyone in every generation. This very sensitive topic that I will be discussing is VALENTINES DAY, or The “DAY” of “LOVE”.  Ever since I was a young child I noticed how much emphasis people would put on Valentine’s Day. School girls would base their whole relationship status on whether or not they received a gift from their special guy. Young men would come to school with the biggest teddy bears that they could find, in hopes of outshining other guy’s gifts. Valentine’s Day was always a competition surrounding who gave the best gift, and who received the best gift. In my eyes, Valentine’s Day was more about who could spend the most money on their significant other, rather than finding ways to express their love truly. Valentine’s Day has become a day to obsess over because it symbolizes the celebration of Love and affection. However the commemoration of Love should not be celebrated once a year, but all year around.

One of the major reasons that people are so obsessed with Valentine’s Day is that everyone is searching for love. Everyone thinks that once they find that perfect person to love them, all will be right with the world. Unfortunately this assumption isn’t true. Love comes with just as much complications as anything else in life, if not MORE. Don’t get me wrong, Love is definitely a beautiful part of life. However finding love and keeping love isn’t always accurately portrayed in the media. Love , real love that is, is a complex necessity of life, which is powerful enough to initiate a major catastrophe, but also end a prolonged war.  Love is also a very dangerous force that can be used for positive, as well as negative purposes.

This obsession with love dates back to the early ages of Greek Mythology. In Greek mythology there was a God named Eros who was known as “The God of Love”. Eros was said to be responsible for helping populate the world. He was also alleged to be the “United power of love who brought harmony to conflict”. Eros was depicted as either an extremely handsome man, or a child holding a bow and arrow. The God of Love’s outward appearance was eventually adapted to the modern day version of Cupid. Cupid is now known as the “Love Doctor” who goes around shooting people with arrows, so that they can fall in love. Be that as it may, I’ve noticed that Cupid’s legacy is more prominent in February, than any other month. Why is Love known to be celebrated on one special day, in one special month? Love is a universal phenomenon that has the power to control minds, and alter lives for the better (or worse). Love should be celebrated at all times, and not just on one specific day. The beauty of Love should not be confined, it should be expressed on a daily basis.

Please DO NOT misinterpret what I’m saying, Valentine’s Day is a very important day. Yes, your significant other, or love interest should buy you a gift, and make you feel special. However when you’re in a relationship, you should always feel special. The person that you are spending your time with, should make it their business to make you happy, and vice versa. I just feel that people put too much emphasis on Valentine’s Day, instead of expressing their love regularly. Valentine’s Day is a day, that two people enhance the way they express their love for one another. However if you are single on Valentine’s Day, you should not feel left out of the festivities. There are various places that have single mixers, and parties for people looking for love. If you’re too modest to go to a singles mixer, or you just want to be alone, be your own valentine! Practice self-love and spend the day pampering yourself. Go out, explore the earth, find a new restaurant, and don’t forget to order dessert. Get your nails and hair done! Treat yourself!!  No one knows what you like better than you!! Once your figure out how to love yourself, then you can truly love someone else.  In life the little things matter the most, and Love shouldn’t be based on fancy gifts, given on special holidays. Love should be given all the time, and shown through all that we do. Our actions, words, choices and decisions in life should all express the love we feel for one another, and most importantly how we love ourselves.

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