Life In The Fast Lane

Ever wanted to drive around a luxurious car? You know, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Well you’re not the only one!

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 is for me to get my driver’s license. So far I have my permit. Although I live in Manhattan – the city with NO PARKING, I feel like you having a driver’s license puts you at an advantage for many things such as racing around in a Ferrari or Lamborghini!!

Last year for father’s day my sister in law purchased an event on group-on where my brother got to choose between a Ferrari or Lamborghini and drove around a racing track three times. It was such a thrilling moment! Even though I wasn’t the one behind the wheel, seeing everyone so excited to race around and seeing these luxurious race cars gave me the “UMPH” to get my license so that I could do this. Especially since I LOVE cars and my favorite race car is a Lamborghini!!

Right now, living social has a deal where you can get a luxurious experience driving around in a Ferrari or Lamborghini in MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)! I recommend everyone with a driver’s license to do this! Even though I haven’t done it yet, I do plan on it and my brother said it was an amazing experience and he’ll do it again!

two sports cars

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, my brother drove in the Ferrari!

6 thoughts on “Life In The Fast Lane

  1. Wow that awesome! I think it’s pretty cool that there’s an activity like this. Me as a luxurious and sport car lover, I will definitely looking forward to do this. How can I know more about this, do they have a website?

    • You can check on the deal out on Living Social! They currently have a deal where you get three laps around the autocross course at MetLife Stadium with your choice of a Ferrari or Lamborghini for just $149!

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