Life as a tech student

Hey guys! Gen here, and today I’d like to show you,y daily routine. Now I know that you all know me by name but I feel as if that’s all you know me as, Gen the writer. But today, I’d like to show you behind the scenes and how my life usually plays out for example, going to classes. I’m a communications design student so most of my classes reside on the 11th floor in the Pearl building, it’s an interesting experience being exposed to so many creative thinkers and colors.

Other than school, I use my time to work with a startup company known as O.T.O. This is a company in the making, in which, the employees within the company Overcome The Odds (O.T.O), whether it’s poverty or academics, it can be so many things. We are underdogs rooting our way to the top. This company is more than just a business thing, it’s also a family. We’ve grown and achieved things together. In this company we remain humble to our origins. We do this by partaking in a monthly food and clothing donation to the less fortunate. The company itself is a production company which has reality shows as well as a cartoon illustrated series, “The Mr.TurnUp Show”, and as for the reality shows we call it “ Reel Talks.“ In a small amount of time the company has increased in size, and we continue to look for amazing talent in efforts to help us make a difference here in New York. Yes when I say talent, I mean you COMD students, and to you as well, actors!

I write today to tell you about my daily life, and to provide you with an amazing chance to be part of something great, whether you just want experience or wish to become one with the company as a worker, it’s your choice,. Our doors are open to anyone looking to put the work in. By no means is this an advertising blog but an honest one. Just a piece of advice that will benefit anyone who reads this in the long run because we all know that most jobs aren’t accepting of people if they lack experience. So if you need experience, well you found the right place!

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