Interview With A Vlademir

… Get it? Like Anne Rice’s Interview With a Vampire. 






(Answers were provided via e-mail)
Q: What is your name?
My name is Vlademir Gadir.
Q: How old are you? 
I am 19 years old.
Q: At this point in your life, what are your goals for the future?
My current goals revolve around the pursuit of becoming financially free, and ultimately living a life that is characterized by travel, art, spirituality, and most importantly, love.
Q: Do you see a place for women in your future/current occupation? 
Of course I see a place for women in my future occupation. I am currently pursuing a career in nutrition, which just like all other occupations should be open and encouraged to all people, no matter the gender, racial, sexual, and cultural differences. Although the majority of nutritionists are women, I believe that it’s important to break those gender boundaries and change what society considers to be appropriate, and instead to use our reasoning to dismantle fragile and toxic masculinity that truly disallows men from pursuing many of these careers that are considered to be too feminine. In addition, the same applies to women. I believe in the importance of women pursuing careers that are traditionally considered masculine in order to truly change the course of gender roles and recreate what society views as feminine or masculine.
Q: Who is/are the most important women/women in your life? 
The most important women in my life are not only my sister, my mother, my grandmothers, my girlfriend but also all my friends that are female. However, probably the most important female in my life would be my mother because she is the individual who nourished me in her womb, and ultimately gave life to me…which I cannot be more grateful for.
Q: Does feminism have meaning in your life? 
Feminism definitely has meaning to me, just as it should for any other sane human being because it is the simple ideology that claims that both men and women are equal, and as a result should be treated with same respect.
Q: What is your definition of feminism?
My definition of feminism breaks down into the ideology that men and women are both equally important individuals for life, and as a result should treat each other with equal regards and respect. It’s really that simple, unfortunately most people don’t have enough reasoning ability to comprehend that.
Q: Do you identify as a feminist? If so, why? If not, why? 
Obviously, I consider myself a feminist the same way I consider myself a human being. I believe that any human who understands life to just the smallest degree, should be able to then understand the importance of women, and consequently see them with great reverence since they are the people who have given life to us. Hence, it is only reasonable to agree that they deserve equal rights with men.
Bonus Question: What would be the soundtrack to an important life event of your choosing? (I.e. wedding, funeral, graduation, etc.) 

Let’s get it on – Marvin Gaye for a Wedding


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All artwork by Pebbles.

One thought on “Interview With A Vlademir

  1. This was very interesting to read, Pebbles. I love the idea of featuring personal interviews here, and particularly those with “men in your social circles” to hear “their side of the story.” If feminism at its core is truly a belief that men and women are equal, then men should not be shut out of the conversation. (Plus, it should go without saying that not all men are sexist.)
    This might mean a lot of additional work but if you were willing, it would be super cool to see the interviews laid out in comic strip format too! But as is, I like the current format, combining drawing and typed text, as well.

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