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“I have been wanting to do a research project with the department of Construction Management since the start of my sophomore year back in Fall of 2015, but with work, school and family the amount of time I had would not allow me to be fully dedicated to my research. This year the opportunity to work with Professor Anne Marie Sowder head of the construction manager presented itself, and I took it. The most interesting part about conducting my research was putting together my results after finalizing the review of literature phase for my research project. This took a lot of brainstorming and work from me and my mentors part. We finally came up with the creation of calendars that would project number of days available to pour concrete for the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the City University of Technology and its CUNY Research Scholars Program, and Professor Anne Marie Sowder for the time and dedication that was put into giving me this opportunity and allowing me to execute it.”

a young man with dark hair and glasses in front of an academic posterKevin Saquicela

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