Exploring Manhattan Bridge

When I resided in New York one of my goals was to walk on all the bridges that is pedestrians accessible. With my love for photography, I was even more determine to complete my goal. Which I have. I often ask myself which is my favorite bridge and my answer is always Brooklyn Bridge but I’m not entirely sure because I love them all; each are unique in its own way.

Of all the bridges I’ve walked, My first time walking the Manhattan Bridge was a bit scary but still exhilarating at the same time. I used the term scary because while walking on the bridge you can actually feel the tremors from the wind and whenever the trains passes by.

Question: Have you been on any of the bridges? How was your experience?


a city skyline


a wire mesh-fence enclosed walkway on a bridge


a river backed by a city skyline, and white fluffy clouds in a blue sky


a city skyline and river's edge, as seen through a hole in a wire mesh fence


a young man of color in a white hat, kneeling in front of a sidewalk drawing of a black floral shape, on a bridge walkway



a city skyline with a bridge over a river


city traffic at sunset




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