Empire State of Mind

As New Yorkers, many of us aren’t too familiar with our city. Some tourist know our city more than we do! I’ve come across so many people whom haven’t been to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building and many other landmarks that our city is known for. So I’ve taken it upon myself to not become another “statistic” and actually go visit these places. I mean, what great is it saying you’re from New York but you haven’t even gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!?

A few days before New Year’s Eve 2014 I went to Rockefeller Center to see the ginormous Christmas tree as well as the window show. I’ve gone plenty of times when I was a kid but this time it was different because along with site seeing I went to “Top of the Rock”. It is the top of the Rockefeller building which is a 70 story high building with an ASTONISHING view of the city!

the Empire State building

Despite the FRIGID temperature that evening, over all, it was a great experience. Observing the city from above, all the bright lights, sounds of sirens and the cars honking, it’s like music to my ears as a city girl.

As always, I recommend everyone to go. Take advantage of the wonderful city you live in. Many people wish they could be here!

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  1. This is true, i had worked in at the banana republic in rokerfella center and never been to the top of the rock, never skated there, never saw the empire state building, and so many landmarks… i did go to ellis island and the statue of liberty before but that was for a school trip lol. we take advantage of whats around us i think. i like to vacation else where, not realising its so amazing here.

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