Driving In The City

Driving in New York City, is obviously different than driving on a highway, urban, or rural areas.. Surely, everyone has different driving skills, but for many it is a challenge to drive in the city. Have you ever been stuck in traffic in New York City? That could be one of the worst situation to be but, also the most interesting. Well, we know the nature of New Yorkers; some aren’t really nice thus one can imagine what type of situations that can arise.

But New York City’s streets are unlike other cities, thus being stuck in traffic can be very interesting.  Especially in the city where it can be a great challenge to move around. Many even say if you can drive in the city, it is possible that you can drive anywhere else. Some streets in Manhattan are intimidating because they are narrow and pedestrians a lot of the times disregard the lights making dangerous for drivers to deal with. This makes a lot of people want to avoid driving in the city because of the fear of striking someone. However, at least for the most part New Yorker’s respect the laws of the street and the signs, imagine the chaos that it could have been if everyone was going crazy on the streets.

 cars lined up at dusk, with headlights onPhoto taken in Manhattan

the freeway entrance to a tunnelPhoto taken in Manhattan

cars on a city streetPhoto taken in Manhattan

cars on a side street at nightPhoto taken in Manhattan

a city street at nightPhoto taken in Manhattan

the Empire State building from several blocks awayPhoto taken in Manhattan

the Empire State Building, partially hiddenPhoto taken in Manhattan

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