Don’t forget to breathe.

Being a college student has its challenges. Throw in a job, family drama, financial expenses, post-elections, and you’re on the edge of wanting to rip your hair out. Here are some Self-Care Tips to help you conquer the challenging days.

1) Breathe: Inhale on 4 counts then exhale on 4 counts. Stop reading this article for a moment. Ready? BREATHHEEE!

2) Disconnect: Turn off your phone. I’ll leave the time frame up to you. I get it. Majority of us can’t live without it. But seriously, turn it off. Don’t sit on the toilet to add a million hashtags to your IG photo or stay up half the night in a fetal position reading every funny meme on your FB feed, or scroll while you’re eating with loved ones. Give your mind a rest. Learn to be present.

3) Meditate/Exercise: Join the school gym. Use YouTube to do some yoga in your bedroom. Journal. Doodling. Ride a bike. Use your favorite body wash and stay in the shower for a few minutes longer. Whatever floats your boat. Just pick something.

4) Stop comparing: It’s easy to get caught up in the who is doing what with their lives. Everyone is you know is going down different paths. Without realizing it, you find yourself comparing, and wondering if you’re making the right choices.

5) Talk to someone: Maybe that means confiding in your friends or family. But if you feel like you have no one to talk to City Tech provides support to its students. You can get in touch with them by heading over to Namm Hall 108 (N-108) or calling them at 718-260-5030. Do you have a self-care tip that I didn’t mention? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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-Sarah Serrano


6 thoughts on “Don’t forget to breathe.

  1. Nice tips! Sometimes I find myself having to do these things you’ve mentioned. It’s necessary to take a step back and have some “me” time aside from college and the strength it takes to move onward. Excellent article!

  2. I second the tip on meditating. Sometimes we really need to tune out in order to keep our heads on our shoulders. But if you’re as impatient as I can be sometimes, hanging out in the shower for 40 minutes works wonders too

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