Cloudy Days

New York City isn’t necessarily known for as a cloudy city, but sometimes it does get really cloudy in NYC. And when it does happen, many times it becomes such a spectacular phenomenon for one to admire.

The part of the day to best fully catch the beauty of the clouds over the city is during the times of sunrise and sunset. This is when the dazzling clouds in he sunlight gets more noticeable and  creates such a fantastic view. At  multiple times, I find myself lost and in awe looking at the clouds as they pass over the city’s astonishing skyline. For something that is not a daily occurrence in NYC, when it greets the city, it magnificently add a beautiful touch it and adds grandeur to New York City’s  unique identity.

a city skyline in front of a sunset sky, with cars on a bridgeBrooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn


a cloudy sunset over a city shorelineGantry Park Plaza – Queens


a city skyline and shorelineManhattan Bridge – Manhattan


a cloudy sunset over a city skylineBrooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn



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