Live Entertainment

This summer I attended my very first concert .. but it wasn’t your ordinary concert in an arena setting, it was at an outdoor stadium! I went to see one of my favorite “electronic duo” artist. It’s that funky music that gets you up and in a good mood. The atmosphere was filled with young hipster looking individuals that didn’t seem to care about anything but enjoying their time.

a large concert crowd

I recommend anyone who has never been to a concert to do so! It doesn’t even have to be a famous artist. It’s more about being surrounded with hundreds of people who have a common interest as you in an artist and their music. Also, who wouldn’t enjoy jamming to LIVE music?

Now I know concerts could be pricey, even for the “underground” artist but if you set aside $10 a week in a jar, you can reach that goal soon enough. For now, I can recommend you to attend a FREE not concert but Talent Show!

This Friday, Student Government is hosting their 5th Annual Spotlight – Talent Show in the Voorhees Theater from 6pm to 10pm. With 20 contestants on the program showcasing their talents in dance, rap, singing, step, spoken word, and more! Come out and see the talents your fellow peers have!

Although it is not a concert with artists performing their songs, it is a composition of various forms of live entertainment that you may enjoy.

a flyer for a talent show called "Spotlight"

the 3 H’s of Halloween : Haunted Hotel/House

Halloween, a time for kids to dress up like something completely out of their character and also an opportunity to receive free treats from the community. But what’s in it for the adults? How about the college students? Well first there’s an annual parade put on in the East Village on Halloween in the evening. Then there’s the local haunted houses. But do you want to know something even better? City Tech’s Entertainment Technology Department puts on their very own Haunted Hotel every year! That’s right, City Tech students host a Haunted Hotel in the very “home” of the department, the Voorhees Hall. Free for all City Tech students to attend! It is not only an opportunity to get “frightened” by the flickering lights and random witches popping out at you, it gives you a chance to appreciate the work behind the scenes put on by your peers. This year, I attended the Haunted Hotel for the first time. Going in not knowing what to expect, walking in anxious to see the next room and get frightened.

Two weeks prior I had visited the Pure Terror Scream Park located in Monroe, New York. This was my first time ever visiting a haunted house and boy can I tell you I was spooked! From the moment I walked in with my group of friends we were scared by the workers. Visiting 6 different sites, one of which included clowns (my worse nightmare) I was freaked out. Taking us roughly 2 hours to go through all of the scenes (long line problems) it was an indescribable feeling.  Where in most times all we could was laugh. Despite the high ticket price ($50) overall the experience was extraordinary.

I would hate to ruin the surprise for those who are looking to attend next year but I will say this, put on your least favorite sneakers, as you will be crawling into one of the creepiest scenes of your life!

Below are links with details of both the Haunted Hotel and Pure Terror Scream Park

City Tech’s Haunted Hotel

Pure Terror Scream Park

“Moving Forward – Post Election”

It’s been an awkward week here in America. Dull train rides and even quiet hallways here on campus.

It difficult for many to move forward knowing that their very own President doesn’t agree with most of their beliefs or even in many cases their race! But what can we do besides grieve and shelter ourselves for the next four years? We can all stand tall and unite to send a message.

I encourage everyone this upcoming Thursday, TOMORROW, at 12:45pm to stop by the Namm Cafeteria as various departments will be collaborating to host a forum on moving forward post the Presidential election. Students will be permitted to express their feelings about the election results and share ideas on how to come together and make a difference/change. An opportunity for students to come together and learn more about their rights and how to advocate properly. Pocket Constitutions along with a “Know Your Rights – Demonstrations and Protests” info card will be distributed – while supplies last.

Signs about moving forward after the election

Throughout the week, Student Government Association will also be tabling both in the Namm and Voorhees building having students write positive and uplifting messages on post-it notes which will be posted on SGA’s Unity Wall by the Namm Cafeteria. Students are reminded that City Tech is a safe haven for all, even when they don’t feel it in the outside community. No matter your race, creed or religion, you’re always welcome in the City Tech – Ohana.

a checkerboard of post-it notes with writing

Get involved and express yourself at the comfort of your home, City Tech.


A Profile of ‘Amanda’

a young woman with long, curly hair, in black

Hey City Tech, my name is Amanda Marmol and I am here to inform you all on things to do across the city at a low cost and even for free! Often times I catch people saying “I’m tired of the city. There’s nothing to do but to go to the park, movies and bowling,” but there is so much more to the city than just that! In my blog I am also going to be  incorporating events/workshops for students to attend at City Tech that you may not be aware of.  As a student majoring in Law and Paralegal Studies  I am aware of how easy it is for college students to get lost in their studies. I myself fell in this category my first two years of college. I found myself having the same routine and also being ‘stagnant’ in my college career. Ever since I got involved in school activities along with going out, exploring and taking time to do something outside of my major I noticed that not only my experiences have increased but most importantly my network has expanded. There’s more to college than just a degree and even a 4.0 GPA! Go out and explore things across the city and even within City Tech.   

Summer FUN!

What a relief, we have finally approached the end of the spring semester! That means no more homework, no more studying and more SLEEP! So now that Summer is here (well a month away if you want to be technical) what do you guys have in store? Having bbqs? Going to the beach/pool? Going to Six Flags? What’s something that you’re doing this summer that is BRAND NEW. Well for you I mean. Something you’ve never done before… going jet skiing, ziplining, or even sky diving! One of the things on my “Summer 2015” bucket list is to attend as many festivals as possible. I’ve only been to the Italian Festival so I am excited to see what these other themed festivals are about.

For those of you that may not know a festival is it is basically “an event cardinally staged by a community, centering on and celebrating some unique aspect of that community and its traditions.” There are so many types of festivals, for instance music, film and even color!

So you haven’t attended? Don’t worry, as mentioned before I’ve only been to the Italian Festival haha. Tomorrow I’ll be attending the Color Run at Citi Field for the first time and words cannot describe how excited I am!! Although tomorrow’s event is sold out, there is still a chance for you yes YOU to go. The next Color Run will be held on July 11th at Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn, NY!

Here are some photos of previous Color Run events:

clouds of color

Image By: Hannah E.

two young women covered in colored paint

Image By: Dana Amihere

a crowd with pink smoke

 Image By: Zachary Strain 

people in clouds of colored, smokey paintImage By: Melissa Romero

After seeing those images doesn’t it just make you want to go out and have fun!? It sure does for me!! Tomorrow I will definitely be coming back here on The Buzz to fill you guys in on the details of this festival. Hope to see you at the next one! 🙂

Amanda’s Personal Review: Hey guys! As promised, i’ve come back to inform you guys about The Color Run. First of all, let me start of by saying that this was one of the best experiences in my life! As New Yorkers, we don’t really come across “happy” people so attending an event where all you see is ear to ear smiles and everyone just wanting to have fun is simply AMAZING! For those of you whom aren’t avid runners, don’t worry, you can run, jog and even walk if you like! As I mentioned before, they will be holding this event at Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn, NY on July 11th so I hope you guys attend! Out of all the event’s/places I’ve reccomended to you all this is one you guys must put as #1 on your bucket list! Here’s the link for futher information

Here are some photos I took:

a fake license plate on the ground

a stadium field and billboard

a crowd

people in clouds of colored, smokey paint

a package of colored paint

Zombie Run!

Now that we are approaching the end of the spring 2015’ semester, it is only right we end it with some fun. I’m sure many of you are overwhelmed with finals and getting your last few assignments in but as I mentioned in the beginning of the semester, always remember to squeeze in some fun! The brain needs a break sometime.

So you’re probably wondering “what bright idea does Amanda have this time.” Well, on May 10th,  THIS SUNDAY, the DPH 4-H Camp in Long Island will be hosting their annual Zombie Race. You will be chased by a group zombies through many miles of mud as they attempt to take your health flag (you will be given a health flag belt with three health flags). Whomever makes it to the finish line with at least one health flag is a Zombie Race Survivalist. If you don’t have any health flags before reaching the finish line don’t get discouraged, you can still finish the race and also win a Finisher Medal! So it’s a win/win situation! Can’t get better than that.

As mentioned via website, you are also at the advantage of getting ten cool things such as:

  • Zombie Race Sack Pack
  • $10 voucher towards Zombie Race merchandise
  • 1 free beer for all locations except Massachusetts (for runners ages 21 and older)
  • Racing Bib
  • 3 Health Flags
  • Finisher medal
  • Live entertainment
  • Party! (bbq and more beer will be for sale)
  • Tons of new friends covered in mud that are just as crazy as you are!
  • Zombie Race Trophy & Prize if you win an award

So what are you waiting for? Go grab an old pair of shorts, shirt and shoes and let’s escape from these zombies ready to eat your brains and take your health flags!

a road sign that says "Zombies: RUN!"

Image by: Supply Chain & Procurement

Roosevelt Island

an aerial view of Roosevelt Island

                  Image by: Alex Katz

An island between Manhattan and Queens, secluded from the loud rush of the city but also an island with so much history. During Spring Break I took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked around the island. My favorite part was the Small Pox Hospital. This is because every time I get driven by the FDR drive, when I look across the East River I always see a gothic architectural style building that looks haunted at night. I always wondered what it was and thought it must have been some kind of asylum but came to find out it was a hospital.


Renwick Hospital

Along with this I came across many other historical sites such as the lighthouse which sourced light for boats that were sailing towards Hells Gates Waters which is just north of the island.


a lighthouse



I then visited the new FDR Memorial Four Freedoms Park. This park was opened in 2012. One interesting fact about this park and how it got its name is from Louis Kahn whom is an American Architect and built this park in honor of President Roosevelt and his belief in the four essential human freedom which were freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God in one’s own way, freedom from want and freedom from fear. It is a very beautiful and CLEAN park with such an amazing view of the city.

FDR Memorial Park

Finally, what many New Yorkers are familiar with is the Tramway! Although I am what some may call a “punk” for not wanting to go on (haha) I do appreciate the convenience of taking it to and from the city and I’m sure that on the tramway you get an even better view of Roosevelt Island and part of the city.

the Tramway


As always, I recommend everyone to go to Roosevelt Island on a beautiful day. There is so much history just on this two mile stretch island. Although there isn’t much to do after visiting the historical sites, it’s a great time to “get away from the city without leaving the city”. Whether it’s you spending the day laying on the CLEAN grass at the FDR Four Freedoms Park or maybe you just want to go for a nice walk this is the perfect place to go! Oh and if you’re scared to get on the Tram just as I was (haha) you can also take the “F” train to the island or drive as well. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your notepad and start making that Summer 2015’ bucket list and add Roosevelt Island to it! I promise you won’t regret it!

a Franklin D. Roosevelt plaque on a wall

Spring Season = Auto Show

It’s the spring season which means it’s auto show season! As mentioned before, I LOVE cars! So you could imagine this was heaven for me! From everyday cars to high priced luxurious cars, this is the place to be for all my car lovers.

Two of my all time favorites are the escalade and the bmw sedan 5 series. As many may know, escalades are known for their bold appearance and spacious interior. One difference between the 2014 and 2015 escalade is that the 2015 version has a larger grille and boxier look to the rear of the SUV. Another thing I really enjoy about the Escalade that accompanies it’s beautiful luxurious appearance is the step bar. The step bar only comes out when you open the SUV doors which is a plus! The last thing that caught my eye about the 2015 Escalade is its head-up display. Now, you no longer have to look at your dashboard when trying to determine your speed, tachometer and navigation.

 a red car

a young woman in a driver's seat a black car

Now, my all time favorite, which will most likely be my first car is the the bmw sedan 5-series. Aside from its luxurious appearance and high-tech features, it includes a turbo-diesel six-cylinder as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission. The best luxurious city car in my opinion.

a white cara silver car

To all my car lovers reading this post, you still have time to attend the auto show! The Jacob Javits center will be hosting this event up until Sunday, April 12th.

Empire State of Mind

As New Yorkers, many of us aren’t too familiar with our city. Some tourist know our city more than we do! I’ve come across so many people whom haven’t been to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building and many other landmarks that our city is known for. So I’ve taken it upon myself to not become another “statistic” and actually go visit these places. I mean, what great is it saying you’re from New York but you haven’t even gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!?

A few days before New Year’s Eve 2014 I went to Rockefeller Center to see the ginormous Christmas tree as well as the window show. I’ve gone plenty of times when I was a kid but this time it was different because along with site seeing I went to “Top of the Rock”. It is the top of the Rockefeller building which is a 70 story high building with an ASTONISHING view of the city!

the Empire State building

Despite the FRIGID temperature that evening, over all, it was a great experience. Observing the city from above, all the bright lights, sounds of sirens and the cars honking, it’s like music to my ears as a city girl.

As always, I recommend everyone to go. Take advantage of the wonderful city you live in. Many people wish they could be here!

Lets All Create Our Own ‘Pot’ of Gold

Growing up, I’ve met numerous people whom are such great artist. Whether it’s drawing, painting or even sculpting. As a kid, I always wished I had that talent, to be able to pick up a pencil and just create a picture with so much detail, but always ended up with stick figures. Now, as an adult, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not talented in that specific subject and by accepting this, I’ve grown to love other people’s artwork even more.

As any human being, although I accepted the fact that I’m not artistic I still try here and there. Last Tuesday, I took part in a pottery class down in the Manhattan Youth Center in Downtown Manhattan. It was a two hour and thirty minute session and there I learned how to form clay objects such as bowls, plates etc. I even had the opportunity to create a vase on the pottery wheel!

a pair of hands throwing a clay pot                                a finished piece of pottery

Image by: Eileen Conner                                             Image by: Lisa Hudson

This was such a great experience for me because I got to learn a lot about how to form the clay into different objects and I also learned about perfection. I say perfection because if there is a dent in the clay, once you’re finished forming your object and it is glazed, your object will permanently have that dent. Below is a picture of the bowl I created with the clay. In about two-three weeks it will be glazed and I will be able to share with you guys the results of it. I can’t wait!

                                a finished piece of pottery

But as always, I recommend all of you to go, especially those who aren’t artist. The instructor is very patient with you and is willing to help every step of the way which is always great! It is a fun activity that you don’t have to do much thinking and in the end, could also be a stress reliever for many of you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s all go show off our ‘artistic’ side.