Body Confidence

Feminism is a movement that calls for the equality of all men and women, the value of each individual and their place in the world. However, it is often so hard to fight for these ideals when you, yourself, do not know your own worth.

Body confidence and self love is a step towards knowing your own value. It is something I still struggle with and I sometimes falter in terms of self-esteem. This is not just a problem of mine… Everyone has at least one insecurity– Man or woman and in between.

This post is a message to all:















So, tell me, what makes you the most confident? 



(All artwork by Pebbles Calungsod)

6 thoughts on “Body Confidence

  1. Pebbles, I LOVE this. It is so hard to find that self love in today’s world of perfect skin small sized women at every turn. But having struggled with my own weight and finally loosing it I can say I’m still not perfect but I have learned to be happy with who I am. My size doesn’t determine my worth.

    • That is such an important thing for anyone to learn and I am so happy that you’ve learned to enjoy your body as it comes! I know it’s hard to always be that positive, but it’s always good to have a baseline of love to get back to!

  2. This is so valid. It’s OK to want to look (and more importantly, be) healthy and fit, but it’s also important that you love yourself every step of the way as you strive toward that goal. What if you never change? Will you never love yourself? Since I am petite and somewhat slim, sometimes people think I can’t possibly struggle with my body image. I want a six pack, for example, and I’m pretty far from that goal. But hating my body won’t get me any closer to it. So thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Pebbles ,

    I love this Post!!!!! Your words were so honest and truly depict how harshly a woman can judge herself . However, we are all uniquely beautiful and Queens in our own right.

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