Black is Power!

Man, anyone else feeling a bit tired or sleepy? Want a quick fix without caffeine in pure black coffee? Well, I think I have the perfect thing for you, Black Tea! According to Teavivre it’s history in china can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty being around the late 1500’s. The first black tea was produced in Fujian province around the Wuyi mountain. Personally for me I drink black tea in the mornings mainly to get myself to wake up. Black tea also has a healthy amount of caffeine as well as antioxidants. According to Organic Facts there are many benefits to drinking black tea. The first benefit of black Tea is that it prevents cardiovascular diseases. As we age it gets tougher to protect our hearts so why not make it easier for ourselves and drink a cup of black tea? A cup a day can keep coronary artery dysfunctions away. According to the American Hearts Association it’s also a good way to reduce your cholesterol level, this same study can also  be corroborated with Organic Facts.

Have an upset stomach? Not able to perform your daily tasks because of a stomach virus or flu? Black tea can also help you with digestion problems. Another benefit of this tea is that it treats diarrhea. As shown in Organic Facts “This tea has a healing effect on intestinal disorders due to the presence of tannins. It is advisable for all diarrhea patients to sip plain, black tea slowly for maximum benefits.” It’s due to this same factor being tannins, that black tea is also great for improving digestion. On the note of bodily systems black tea also helps people with asthma or if someone is sick with the common flu. The article further explains this effect, “as it expands the air passage, thereby allowing them to breathe more easily.”

Lastly but not the least important is that black tea prevents breast cancer, yes ladies and gents, it prevents the scary cancer that’s dangerous to us all. Going back to a paragraph seen in Organic facts:

Drinking tea, either black or green, aids women in preventing cancerous growth in the breasts, especially women in the pre-menopausal phase. Tea also assists in raising the level of globulin hormones during the menstrual cycle. The presence of theaflavins in black tea destroys abnormal cells in the body before they cause any major damage or change into cancerous cells.”

Definitely a beneficiary tea in my books, which is why I have a plethora of black teas in my household to drink in the mornings. Loving tea yet? Because I know I do, want or need any recommendations on what teas to try? My personal favorite is Darjeeling black tea which is also known as the “ Champagne of Tea.” Lemme know in the comment box below on what you think!

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