Black Friday

shoppers running into a store under an opening gate on Black Friday

Black Friday is here!!! Whether you’re interested in electronics, clothes, or appliances, all will receive a heavy discount.

There are some that are against it, especially when sales now start the day of Thanksgiving. Those people believe we should be at home, celebrating with family, and not bothering about selfish wants.

I’ll admit, I have participated in Black Friday. Yes, I stood in line for a good two hours for that 150 dollar 49 inch TV, along with a PS4.

I mean come on!!! Some of these deals are just too good to resist! I for one believe you can do both. You can enjoy thanksgiving dinner with your family…after you buy items that you’ve wanted all year long. Its a win/win situation in my book.

But let’s keep our dignity folks. No shoving, screaming, or hair pulling. You don’t wanna wind up on YouTube under “Crazy Black Friday Fight”

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