Believing in Yourself

a card that says "To influence the world, you must start with believing in yourself."

“Throughout my life, I have gotten a chance to accomplish so many things in my life that many people don’t get a chance to experience. I’ve been a participant in many non-profit organizations such as the Fiver Children’s Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, and a couple others. The experience that I was given during my time being a part of non-profits was the ability to empower myself to think more positively, be creative and believe in the impossible. With the mentors and teachers and friends that helped me to become the person I am today through constant advice and perseverance, I will never give up on what I love to do. That same experience I was given, I want to give to others.  Along becoming an inspirational designer, I dream help others succeed and help acknowledge the creativity others have to reach their goals. There is nothing more I enjoy then spending time with people who love what they do and those people inspire me every day. “To influence the world, you must start with believing in yourself”. I believe that I am a crazy creative person and through creativity, anything is possible.”

Name: A. B.
Age: N/A
Major: Graphic Design



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