How COVID-19 Has Impacted me and Family

Since the pandemic arrived in the U.S a lot has changed. Families are been separated due to isolation, health condition or even death, financial status has been impacted when employees that used to go out there to provide for the country, for their family were forced to stay home. In addiction in some of the cases thanks to technology there are still ways to provide from home since there are a lot of job that consist on working behind a electronic devices by devices i refer to computers, phone or tablets.

In my personal experience i had to stop working, i had as a part time a delivery job where i was able to use my car deliver food for people and also work for a building company but that delivery job i had to stop it due to my past history why asthma. I went out to work for the first week and my parents were suffering because they did not want me to catch the virus, i was mad in the beginning because i was taking all the restriction needed covering my mouth and hands with gloves and mask but it was not until the following week that i decided to stay home and sacrifice my extra income for my health and also the health of others in my house if that was the case. It’s been 3 weeks since the last time i went out side and in the beginning was frustrating and annoying but little by little i settled. Since my income was cut and i still need to deal with bills and i will have to find ways to make these payments happen.

Adding to the story we still dealing with a issue in my family and that is the fact that my brother is a truck driver over the road. I never had an idea how important is for everyone on earth these drivers and how much this could affect if they stop. It’s makes two weeks tomorrow that my brother left to work and haven’t being able to make it back because they just send him away and away and when he thinks that he would make it home they again ask him for a extra help, he is save but is stressing the fact that we are not able to see him as much as we used to. His routine changed for coming at least twice home to being out for almost 14 days. Last week was my father birthday and we cut him a small cake and we called him on Face-time and he hanged up before crying. He called me the day after he called me and he said that he will never put money over family and there is nothing more important for him now than just come home and see all of us. He is very quite and it took me by surprise that he opened up like this with me he is not that sentimental but it did happen when all this forced him.