Apps to…relax?

a stock image of a woman in white, busy at workTake a moment to look up from your phone while you’re waiting for the train. What do you notice? Almost every single person is on their phone focused on an app. It could be social media apps, games, or even a music playlist. Technology has helped human kind advance in countless ways, but is it possible to find balance using it? For the next few articles, I will be providing more helpful details to help you discover that thing that could aid in your journey to self-care. I conducted an informal search for the top apps on social media to see the 2016 favorites.

4) Head Space: Sign up for a free 10 day trial to experience a personal mind trainer. Head space offers personal customizations for those on the go. Users have reported reduced feelings of anxiety, learning to stay present, and proper breathing techniques. A monthly subscription costs around the same as a monthly Netflix subscription.

3) Calm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax: Available for Android & IPhone is an easy to use app that, which according to my friends, has greatly reduced their anxiety. Some of them utilizing the app when they have a break to help them remain present and cope with daily stress.

2) White Noise: One of my personal favorites. This app features an impressive sound catalog of 40 sounds. Discover comforting sounds like rain fall, crickets, crackling fires, and more. You’re able to mix your favorite sounds to create the perfect ambience, and even set a timer. Normally I steer clear from using my phone a half-and-hour before bed, but if I’m too restless, I’ll pick my favorite customized mix and fall right to sleep. You can download the free version or pay a one-time fee of 99 cents.

Honorable mentions include: Words with friends, Meditation guide with Deepak Chopra & Oprah, Spotify, and Pandora. And drum roll for our number one…!

1)Power Button: Just turn off your phone. Sometimes technology can make us more stressed! Take a moment to close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and stay present.

Use an app to relax that wasn’t mentioned in the list above? Share your favorites with us!


4 thoughts on “Apps to…relax?

  1. I am really fond of the number one choice. Some days, that I can, I refrain from using my phone entirely. It gives me time to reflect and get a better grip on life. I focus on the things that are in my personal atmosphere, which is a lot more relaxing than stressing over the next notification that may or may not pop up on my phone. I have also heard that some phones have a lock-out feature (or downloadable apps like Focus Lock), your phone locks and you can only use it for emergency calls for a certain amount of time.

    • Thanks for sharing that phone feature. I have days where I lack discipline and I’m on my phone for two hours straight! I can see myself using it when I need to focus on work. Haha, I’m a fan of number one as well!

  2. Sarah, I love your post. I hope that you are adjusting well to being a part of The Buzz family. With the stress of college life as well as the nuances that take place in our personal lives, it can be extremely difficult to find the time to relax. But it can be so necessary to our success. Personally, I use Spotify or will read in order to clear my mind but I find your suggestions interesting as well.

    • Thank you for your comment! Adjusting to college life again has definitely been stressful, but it’s been great to find so much support here at City Tech. I’m very grateful to be a part of The Buzz Family! I was just recently introduced to Spotify and look forward to incorporating it more into my downtime.

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