A Walk On The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic places in New York City. lf you are a New Yorker, or have visited┬áNYC, you definitely have┬áto go there at least once in your life time. It is one of the places that embodies the identity of New York City and makes it the wonderful city that it is. The Brooklyn Bridge, being on this city’s list of most visited places and┬ápoint of interest, attracts around one and a half million tourists on a a yearly basis.

We can easily understand why that is because walking on the bridge gives you an amazing view from the city and its surroundings. Especially the Manhattan skyline, which is one of the sights that make visiting the Brooklyn Bridge an experience like no other. On its surroundings, the East river has some fantastic sights as well, depending on how far your eyes can reach. Those who have not crossed the Brooklyn Bridge yet, are highly encouraged to make visiting the bridge part of their bucket list to experience in this iconic New York City location for what it stands for and its spectacular sightseeing.

A good dream is a dream that can become reality.

people walking on a city bridgePhoto taken at the Brooklyn Bridge


As long as there is a destination to reach, there should be no reason to stop.

aerial view of a city bridge

Photo taken at the Brooklyn Bridge


The best moments are those that can’t be experienced more than once.

a city skyline at night, from a bridge

Photo taken at the Brooklyn Bridge


Once you cross the gates of the Brooklyn Bridge, the most fascinating and magical city awaits you on the other side.

a city skyline at sunset, from a bridgePhoto taken at the Brooklyn Bridge







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