An Adventurous Journey to NYC Underground

One of the major things that keeps New York City moving is its subway. The city’s public transportation system is crucial to its everyday’s life and it is the greatest asset in helping people to circulate and commute in the city. Waiting for the train, struggling to find a seat, and encountering subway performers while being in a place with complete strangers, is all part of the subway experience. Certainly there is nothing like it, even though some New Yorkers pretend it is possibly the worst thing on earth, they surely know that they wouldn’t survive without it.

Humans of Cuny comes back, featuring a New York City College of Technology student, talking about his experience taking the subway.


The wondrous sunset vividly animating the sky, awarded the commuters below with a beautiful sight while patiently waiting for the arrival of the train.

High Elevated Platform SunsetPhoto taken at Broadway Junction


And suddenly arriving, is the very much anticipated train skating over the electric railway, to gather its new passengers for the long journey ahead to the underground.

Ariving TrainPhoto taken at Broadway Junction


This subway car is the chosen one for the journey; it’s so vast it seems as it stretches deeper than the eye can see. Nevertheless, in seconds it will be bombarded with passengers fighting for a place of their own in order to take part in this new adventure.

A NYC Train CarPhoto taken at Lexington Avenue / 59th Street Station


Now trapped to another world; a world with strangers, but certainly greatly animated by subway performers. Whether they dance, sing or do magic tricks, they can certainly make the journey enjoyable until the final destination is reached.

Leaving Train Photo taken at Jamaica Center


Humans of Cuny

“What do you like the most about NYC subway?”

“The diversity, all the different types of people you see, from all social classes and all races. Of all the subway lines my favorite line is the E train because, it passes by my high school and it brings up a lot of amazing memories.”

a young man in a capPhoto taken at New York City College of Technology


10 thoughts on “An Adventurous Journey to NYC Underground

  1. I must say I love the “Humans of CUNY” team. Gives you as the artist a better understanding of the audience perspective on everyday life. Love the first two photos the most. The lightening is awesome on the second photo.

  2. I love this post! Makes you look at the subways in a positive perspective. And I must agree, although there are days in the summer where it does feel like the worse thing in the world, being bombarded with a huge amount of people, without it, New York City will not be the city it is today.

    • Absolutely, the subway is what makes New York different than the other cities. I know it’s not the best quality service, but at least you can use it to move around the city 24/7 without needing a car.

  3. The Humans of NY inspired my student blog project. They are so amazing!

    It so happened a day after this post, I went on an Honors Scholars program trip to the Transit Museum. I suggest that you should visit too. Their museum design is wonderful.. It made me feel like I was really walking through history. And going back to today’s trains after the museum, I felt weird because I was suddenly brought back to the future. Haha.

    • I couldn’t agree more withy you, Humans of NY is the best, they also have inspired me to do the “Humans of Cuny.” Thanks for sharing your experience, it seems like it’s an amazing museum that I should definitely go visit.

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