Benefits of Nature pt.2

Buenos Tardes City Tech! Gen here giving y’all part two on Nature and its benefits! Today’s topic will be based on Stress. As we all know there are many factors that keep us healthy: good bacteria, cells, and most importantly our immune system. But there are many factors that can disturb the body’s natural methods of cleansing: such as stress. It’s nothing new, many people suffer the effects of stress but the issue is when it builds up over years: this is when it can become severely harmful to one’s health.  In an article written by the American Society of Landscape Architects ( ASLA ) it is said that “ High levels of long-term chronic stress can lead to reduced cognitive function, anxiety disorders, and depression.” Chronic stress takes a toll on us, physically. It can lead to  poor sleeping habits and headaches which decreases our immunity. So yes, stress is a bad factor that can disturb our bodies.

Stress has impacted my life in many ways, to the point where it’s caused me countless of sleepless nights leading to insomnia, it’s also a reason why I drink lots of tea.The antioxidants, as I mentioned in previous posts, have the potential to build immunity to our bodies and help us (or even prevent us) from getting sick. From my stress, I’ve learned that nature is a great natural remedy and can lower your anxiety levels, it’s worked for me. According to ASLA:

Numerous studies have shown that access to trees and green spaces calm us and help to alleviate stress. One such study found that trees and green space are a major predictor of longevity, especially among people living of lower-incomes communities.

More broadly, integrating nature into the built environment in the form of parks, trees, or green roofs, can help counter the stressors of urban life. This is supported by a Scandinavian study, which found that office workers with forest views showed greater job satisfaction and lower stress levels than office workers with non-forest views.

There have been many cases and studies proving that nature helps us and it’s no surprise either.Before technology… before secure infrastructures, we, human beings, had caves and the great outdoors; it’s what kept us alive and healthy. So why not try to connect back to your old roots and give it a try??? My recommendation? Look through my previous blogs and see which place suits you best! Lemme know what you think and what places you have in mind. From reading this I definitely know what I’m doing this week. Stay tuned to find out on next week’s blog!


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