Virtues from Motherhood: What is a Mom?

Hello all, my name is Samantha and I’m a Professional and Technical Writing major here at CityTech. Currently in my senior year, I’m involved with several offices on campus, in addition to The Buzz I’m a Peer Mentor for the First Year Programs office and a Social Media Intern for the FYLC. I’ve been blogging for the OpenLab since January 2016 and even write my own blog, Rebel Mom Web. As a passionate writer I’m driven to make a difference with my words. Inspired by my 7-year-old daughter Ava, my blog posts reflect the wisdom I’ve gained as a single mom who’s determined to make her goals a reality. When I’m not at school or a busy working you can find me exploring the city with my camera and looking for trendy new places to eat. Although I’m a born and raised Brooklynite I enjoy traveling and hope see more of the world after graduation.

The theme for my blog this semester will continue on from the spring semester. My blog’s “name” Virtues from Motherhood will remain, however the segment Things I want my Daughter to Know, will not. I have chosen to stick with one name because it is easier for readers to remember and easier to promote, they shared the overarching theme anyway. The motivation or rationale behind my blog is being relatable and letting students know they’re not alone, more and more single moms, young moms or just parents in general are coming back to higher education to better their lives. As a single mom (and a teen mom) myself I can speak from a place of experience and I hope that by sharing my story, my obstacles or coping methods to get through things, that I can inspire other young women to stick it out as well, that their goals are possible.

Last semester I found that it wasn’t just moms that were reading my material, I had a classmate send me an email and thank me for writing because one of my posts helped him realize the changes he needed to make to save his relationship. I’ve realized that sometimes all people need is to feel they are not alone, that the world is not abandoning them and that someone out there knows how they feel and got through it. I believe by continuing to be honest and upfront about situations, expectations and getting through things that my readers will return to my blog and new ones will find something to identify with and become regular readers.


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