Cuny Students Fight Back


Do you ever think Cuny tuition is too high? Are you having a difficult time paying your fees? Do you think tuition should be free? Well if you do, you aren’t alone!

Students and faculty in 115 locations, took part in the Million Student March this past Thursday. The purpose of the march was to seek tuition-free college educations, cancellation of all student debt, and $15 hourly wage for campus employers. “We expect this to be a long struggle,” said James Hoff, English professor at Borough of Manhattan Communication College, and organizer of the CCNY group. He says that more than 40 million Americans are holding $1.2 trillion in student debt, and one in four borrowers has difficulties in paying off the loans.

The movement, which was widely organized on social media, used the hashtag #Million Student March. This was the second highest trending topic in the United States on Twitter by 5 p.m. on Thursday. Photos and videos posted on Twitter, where #MillionStudentMarch was trending worldwide, showed marches involving dozens to hundreds of demonstrators at schools not just in NY, but including Texas State, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Depaul University in Chicago.

Dealing with mounting student loan debt has been a focus for candidates vying for the White House in 2016. Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders, who has vowed to make tuition free at public universities and colleges, and has pledged to cut interest rates for student loans, tweeted in support of the movement on Thursday afternoon. His rival Hillary Clinton has said she would increase access to tuition grants, let graduates refinance loans at lower interest rates, and streamline income-based repayment plans.

Obama has promised to make all community Colleges free, and while I would hope it would apply to 4 year schools as well, I’m not so certain it can be done.

Notes of your past

 a card that says "And that's life, I guess, throwing out notes of your past."
“Throwing out work that you’ve done does make you sad because that’s your work.. that’s you from years ago. Back then you might have been a “different” person. Each and every one of those notes can remind you of your life at the particular time period the note was written in.
And that’s life, I guess, throwing out notes of your past. This could be a great quote.”
Name: M. Caka
Age: 21
Major: Computer Science


Everyone’s favorite season

What’s your favorite season? Mine? I’m still debating about it. Each has its own special characteristics that I love but autumn? Oh man! Its indescribable.

Its that special time of year when the weather begins to get cooler and the nights noticeably longer; which means we get to sleep longer. Yay! Usually by mid October to the beginning of November is when autumn shows its “true colors” and the leaves start falling, giving it a beautiful scenic view.


houses on a bank reflected into the water“Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile.”   Port Washington Long Island, NY 10:30am

-William Cullen Bryant


fall leaves on the ground“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all other seasons.”  Port Washington Long Island, NY 10:45am

-Jim Bishop


a close-up of a fall leaf“Wild is the music of the autumnal winds amongst the faded woods.”  Port Washington Long Island, NY 11:14am

-William Wordsworth


trees on edge of a body of water“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”  Port Washington Long Island, NY 11:52am

-F.Scott Fitzgerald


a forest“Autumn, the season teaches us, that change can be beautiful.”  Port Washington Long Island, NY 12:17pm

-Heather A. Stillufsen


a road through a forest “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” Port Washington Long Island, NY 12:41pm

-John Donne

Professional Chef in Minutes

a latte coffee in an ambient restaurant setting

Image by: fstop186

Have you ever dreamt of making a meal that has the sophistication of chef Julia Childs? Or create an unforgettable meal that is not only artistic but delicious? To achieve this, it seems almost reasonable to attend a cooking class or two (or three) to create an epic meal. But there is easier way to be able to surprise your guests at dinner with the vast amount of online meal kit services. With the help of companies such as Plated, Blue Apron, Munchery and Hello Fresh as well as many others, making an extravagant meal is simpler yet you can still impress many with your meal. These companies essentially will have a variety of meals to choose from with serving sizes, after this is chosen the price is determined and it will then be sent to your home. The package consists of each ingredient which has already been carefully scaled, weighed, and measured so all that is required is to follow the detailed directions (some will even have pictures) in order to yield the delicious meal. Many compare these sites to GrubHub and Seamless but it is actually extremely different in terms of service as these are offering to deliver takeout orders instead of a pre-packaged meal that can be home-cooked.

chicken fajitas being made from a recipe

Image by: shubbe

Plated offers numerous options for meals whether beef, vegetarian, poultry, seafood, and dessert which are available for two persons.  The menu changes each week but has at least seven menu items delicately created by Plated chefs. The meals can be ordered a la carte or as a complete set after a weekly subscription has been applied which allows for 20% off all plates as well as the chance to receive some bonus complimentary plates if you refer a friend. The monthly membership costs only ten dollars a month but eight dollars per month if it is purchased in advance for the entire year. The company prides itself on the origin of its ingredients that are sustainable, fresh, and antibiotic-free. The food delivery is packaged with step-by-step recipe cards along with the pre-portioned food to avoid food waste and to lower the preparation of the meal in a recyclable refrigerated box on the selected date of delivery.

roasted chicken served from a followed recipe

Image by: wingerz

Blue Apron is a well-known online meal kit service that provides exquisite meals in the selection of either a two-person or four-person options. The site offers how-to videos which teach cooking tutorials that are commonly used when cooking a meal. Blue Apron has a free sign-up which does not have a contract so you can opt out at any time although you must still abide by a subscription which is a flat rate for three meals per week, meal weeks can easily be skipped and shipping is always free. Similar to Plated, they accommodate each customer’s dietary restrictions as long as it is include in their profile. The package of food will be prepared just like Plated but Blue Apron puts the food in an insulated bag so the food will not retard and can last longer. There is also a subscription for wine which is carefully paired with the food that you have purchased for monthly deliveries of six wines that have been designed to serve only two people.

If interested, in these services, I have places some links below for coupons and promo codes although I am not promoting these services in any way, it is all simply a meal suggestion.


Blue Apron:

Bye bye Cosby

two gold coins with a red "DENIED" stamp over both

The trustees of the City University of New York, will take back an honorary doctorate granted to Bill Cosby in 1995, by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

“We’re saying that had we known then what we know now, we would not recommend that Mr. Cosby receive this honorary title,” college president Jeremy Travis said on Monday.

Travis said the action was  warranted due to the claims against Cosby.

“We now know of … women … who have claimed that he took advantage of their relationship, often aided, according to them, by various substances added to drinks,” Travis said. “In at least one instance now, he acknowledged that he engaged in this practice of taking advantage of women and doing so with the aid of, in this case, Qualuudes.”

This isn’t the first honor taken away from Cosby, since these claims have come out. And I’m sure it won’t be the last. Cosby himself has not been charged yet, and some have said that since he has not been charged, none of his achievements should be taken away.

Hmmm not sure I agree with those people.

The Colors Of Autumn

From September 21st to December 21st in a period of two months, we are being awed by the beautiful season of Autumn. This transition from summer to winter is purely magical, it is the time when the leaves of trees change in color and in tone and the leaves of deciduous trees are ready to fall at any given moment and when also the temperature drops considerably.

This change in color adds an unique vibrant flare to Autumn, and it turns the environment to a spectacular sight .During this wonderful season, is when many people love to go outside to enjoy nature and be mesmerized by the beauty of Autumn. Due the fact that It makes for such a wondrous sight to human eye, it is considered one of the best seasons of the year for many.

red fall leavesBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


shrubbery hiding a bridgeBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


city buildings across the water from a fieldBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


a stone path under fall tree leavesBrooklyn Bridge Park – Brooklyn


a split path under colorful fall leavesBrooklyn Bridge Park -Brooklyn





My Food Bucket List

I’ve written several posts regarding of foods I have tried and foods that I liked, but I haven’t written about foods I want to eat one day, some day, but haven’t. I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to random foods I hope to try one day also known as my bucket list and today, I’d like to share a part of my food bucket list with you.

a dish of lobster macaroni and cheese

Image by All Recipes

I’ve tried a lot of different mac and cheese in the past years, but one type I’ve never had that I absolutely want to try is lobster mac and cheese! I imagine it won’t taste any different from a crab mac and cheese, but lobster mac and cheese would probably be slightly sweeter because of the meat. This is definitely something I need to try soon as it’s been on my list forever!

As a New York City born individual and foodie, believe it or not I’ve never tried the famous pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen before. I have passed by Kat’z many times, but never had the opportunity to go in to try the food and experience the atmosphere. I definitely need to get the ball rolling with trying out this iconic spot!

a burger

Image by chew haven

I love Shake Shack! I’ll never forget the first time I tried their Shroom’ burger which was absolutely heaven. I learned that Shake Shack has a more magnificent burger, more magnificent than the Shroom’ burger. The burger is called “Shack Stack” which is a cheeseburger and a Shroom’ burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. That sounds really amazing and I so need to try this.

If you don’t already know by now, I am a huge ice cream lover! I’ve tried many flavors, but there’s one flavor I always see and hear about, but never tried and that’s Pistachio ice cream. I’ve always been curious about how it tastes and if it tastes nutty like peanut butter or almond ice cream.

a dessert in a Magnolia Bakery cup

Image by the food joy

I’ve heard of Magnolia Bakery before, but never visited the bakery nor have I really tried their foods. One item I heard that Magnolia is really famous for is their banana pudding which consists of layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and creamy vanilla pudding. Doesn’t that sound delicious? I’m not a huge fan of rice pudding or pudding in general, but I would make an exception to try this banana pudding.

Well these are the top five items on my food bucket list I definitely want to try by the end of this year or at some point when I feel courageous enough or have time. You can definitely check out the rest of what I want to try by clicking here.

Are there any foods you would like to try, but haven’t? If so, what are they?

The Morgan Library & Museum

Did you know Jp Morgan was not only a financier but also a collector of books, historical manuscripts, old drawings and prints? From this fond hobby he built what is known as The Morgan Library and Museum. Not only does it include books but it is also used as a research library.

Its quiet a master piece. It has an ancient European feel to it. I urge to go check it out, its free on fridays from 7pm-9pm.

an ornately painted ceiling“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”  Murray Hill Manhattan, NY 7:11pm

-Salvador Dali

closed-off bars“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”  Murray Hill Manhattan, NY  7:27pm

J.P Morgan

ornately-painted ceiling“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.”
Murray Hill Manhattan, NY 7:37pm

-Les Brown

an ornately painted ceiling“The wise man bridges the gap by laying out the path by means of which he can get from where he is, to wehre he wants to go.”  Murray Hill Manhattan, NY 7:38pm

-J.P Morgan


an ornately painted ceiling over shelves of books “Love will find through paths where wolves fest to fear.”  Murray Hill Manhattan, NY 7:43pm

-Lord Byron

an old-fashioned room with red wallpaper“Our ability to handle life’s challenges is a measure of our strength of character.”  Murray Hill Manhattan, NY 8:11pm

-Les Brown

7 Steps to Run a Marathon – Congratulations, TCS New York City Marathon Winners!

On November 1, 2015 about 50,000 people traveled from Staten Island through Brooklyn and ended in Manhattan for the annual TCS NYC Marathon. This 45 year old marathon started as the Central Park race, it has grown exponentially being open to anyone over 18. Let’s congratulate the running and wheelchair race winners:

Mary Kietanya woman running a marathon

a man running a marathonStanley Biwott

a man running a marathon in a three-wheeled wheelchaira man running a marathon in a three-wheeled wheelchair




Tatianna McFadden

Ernst van Dyk





Here is 7 steps to prepare for participating in the upcoming marathons:

  1. Check and monitor your health: You should know your capabilities. Check in with your physician and make sure your are able to participate. If you aren’t in shape ask what you can do to perform at your best.
  2. Do research: Explore the marathon. Make sure you know the time you have to finish the race and and the route in which you will take. Know the course, what will be provided, and the map in and out. Sometime if you go in groups or with an organization you will be able to be sponsored or ask for donations for your supplies, time off and training. Now, after you register for the event months to a year in advance lets finish to prepare.
  3. Dress for the part: You don’t have to get the most expensive brand clothing and running shoes, however, they must have good quality. You need to be able to have items that will be able to sustain weather conditions, which includes the environment and the sweat and heat from your body. Your clothing should be able to handle the stress while you train and race on the day of your marathon run or roll. If you buy something and it messes up soon after, return it and consider reading reviews before purchasing over the advice from some sales person.
  4. Eat healthy: From day 1 of your training make sure you have a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, grains, fruits, veggies, and of course, LOTS OF WATER! You can consult with a trainer and make sure you are intaking the right amount of food for the amount of exercise you will now endure.
  5. Do many trail runs: Part of your training, which includes exercise and a healthy diet, will be actual doing trail runs. Your researched the route now use it. Run, or roll, with a partner, or many, how you would on the day of your marathon even. Im sure the first time may be rough and you will be out of breath. But as you continue to practice it will become second nature and be as easy as pie.
  6. Avoid injuries: Keep yourself safe. Try not to sprain anything or continue working through an injury. Get injuries checked out and handle them as soon as they occur. Make sure to take breaks and return to training when they heal. Stretching can help.
  7. REST: Try not to over exert yourself. make sure you have adequate sleep. There isn’t a cure for tiredness except sleep. Not coffee, not an energy drink, and not cold air. If you are tired your body will shut down on you, so avoid that from happening.

Enjoy and do you research for the marathons to come.

Image Credits in order:

Mary Keitany Nyc by Acrb using the CC S-A (Share Alike) 3.0

Stanley Biwott during 2013 London Marathon by Chmee2 using CC S-A 3.0

Ernst F. van Dyke in 2014 Boston Marathon by Gr5 using CC S-A 3.0

Tatyana McFadden alla Maratona di New York del 2011 by Caricato da OttawaAC using the Creative Commons (CC) by 2.0